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IT’s Friday…let’s look at a timeline

Posted by BRiAN On September - 24 - 2010

This weeks Friday takes a bit of a different turn from my normal links and things that I share with you few, but loyal (?), readers. That said also let me then inform you there may be, and by may be I mean there WILL BE, SPOILERS AHEAD for this weeks issue of Avengers…Avengers #5.

This week saw the release of Avengers #5 ($3.99) by Brian Bendis and John Romita Jr. in which a select team of Avengers has traveled into the distant or not so distant future to battle and evil that is just a bunch of kids but then turns out to not be these kids but instead is something different…we also see Kang without his helmet (a bit of a letdown if I do say so myself) and at one point Thor hits Galactus with a hammer (I don’t know why but I always imagine Galactus being a lot bigger than the way people draw him…). But I am not here to give you a rundown of the entire issue nor am I going to review it. Nope. Instead I’m gonna take a look at this gem from halfway through the issue:

(click on the image to make it HUUUUUUGE!)

This above chart has no words bubbles obscuring text on it so maybe open it in a new window or tab (what the heck did we do before the internet allowed for us to use tabs…and infinite tabs at that?!) and take a peek…it’s pretty sweet. I am a sucker for charts…I loved this one that they found in Rip Hunter’s lab too!

(I actually prefer this chart)

But let’s look at this timeline put together by Future Tony Stark…shall we:

•SIEGE- All the way over on the left it tells us where Siege falls into this mess.

•CAPTAIN AMERICA REBORN- this is the next thing on the timeline as we move to the right…and this one bugs me big time. Steve Rogers was heavily involved in Siege So how the F is his return supposed to happen after Siege? Bendis wrote Siege (like he wrote this issue) and he should have remembered that. It also says “what did cap see?”. If you read that story you know he saw a world controlled by Nazis.

•NINE WORLDS IN DISARRAY- with Asgard and Midgard inhabiting the same place the Norse 9 Worlds are all messed up…we are seeing this in Avengers Prime and in Thor.

•HEROIC AGE BEGINS- I can’t believe someone would have written that on a timeline. It’s a dumb name and honestly I thought it was just a comics selling masthead type tool…guess it’s something the characters are aware of…or maybe it’s like how we look back at the Antebellum period of our own country. I’m sure no one then called it that…well maybe one Turd Ferguson did.

•SPIDER ON THE HORIZON- There’s a dashed line going down with that written in a circle at the end of it. Whatever that means.

•THREE!- this is the current storyline in the Fantastic Four. If you aren’t reading Hickman’s run on this series you might as well be just not drinking water at all ever…it’s that good. And it’s something a comic fan needs like the human body needs water. Water is good and so is this comic. Just read it. NEXT!

•HOPE RETURNS!?- Well for some reason I thought that the Second Coming storyline should have started sooner than this one the timeline…maybe before the Heroic Age because didn’t Thor and the newly assembled Avengers team show up at that red dome over San Fran?

•MAN WITHOUT FEAR- I’ll assume that this is a marker on there for Shadowland…since that’s all about Daredevil.

•THROWBACKS- up above that is the word Throwbacks. Who the heck knows what that means?! I sure don’t.

•CHAOS!- Another dashed line going down from the mainline this time the circle the word is in has crazy lines all around it like a kids drawing of the sun. Is this a reference to all the crap going on out in space with Thanos n such? I don’t think there’s a mention of that stuff on here. Did future Tony Stark not know about all that when he made the chart?

•WHAT IS WHERE ASGARD SHOULD BE?- Sitting at the top of the chart obscured by speech bubbles in the issue but not on that large image we have on the site here is a cryptic question. Matt Fraction’s  first issue of Thor asks just this question this week as well.

•FIVE LIGHTS- at the end of the Second Coming we saw those 5 lights signifying new mutants. This seems like it will be a big deal especially with the Generation Hope series coming just around the corner. Also on either side of that line and circled are “Who is worthy?” and “9.9.9”…

•MASTER OF KUNG FU- Shang Chi…he’s in Shadowland.

•NOVA ANTIQUUS- Something about Nova…maybe he get’s old or there is something from way back that will happen with Nova. Ya got me here.

•RETURN OF THE KING- I am guessing that this has nothing to do with LoTR but who knows. Is this reference to Black Panther, Thanos being badass or maybe Black Bolt.

•ACADEMY TRAITOR!- A dashed line going up tells us that one of the Avengers Academy characters will ultimately be a traitor. They didn’t seem like the best kids to start with anyway.This line almost looks like it branches off of the Return of the King one…does this have something do do with Osborn?

•DRUMM OF REVENGE- Jeremiah Drumm is Dr Voodoo. What’s going on there with this being circled on its own above the Return of the King line.

•NIGHT FALLS- All the people who have died come back to life with the power of these mysterious black rings and try to kill all of Earth’s heroes…oh wait

•IRON LAD (RE)TURNS?- Does this mean the Young Avenger will come back or will turn on his team?

•ALL HOPE LIES IN DOOM!- Valeria says this to Dr. Doom in the latest issue of the FF. What the heck is gonna happen here?! I can’t wait for Doom to do something Doom-ey. “Doom. Always Doom.”

SCHIZM!- This one is underlined. So there’s gonna be some sorta split? Like two sides that don’t agree…like some sorta civil war…hmm

•H:I STARK RESILIENT-  I think that’s what this one says. I can’t really make out the “H:” part. Like is it H:I or H:1? Is this about Henry Stark…Tony’s dad if you forgot.

•WHERE IS WANDA?- At the end of an upward dashed line is a question about the Scarlett Witch. We haven’t seen her since basically the end of the House of M story…well we did see her when Clint Barton went to kill her for killing him but then just slept with her. Anyways she was hiding in the Alps.

•GALACTUS SEED- Well there is a Galactus buried in the Earth. See Fantastic Four.

•STARK365KRATS- I can barely make this one out due to it being in the fold but from what I can see it makes no sense as of yet to me.

•FEAR WITHOUT MAN- Could this be about Man Thing (who is a thing and not a man and if you know fear you will burn at his touch) or the fact that maybe there will be no Daredevil soonish as they have announced that the Black Panther (return of the king) will be the new Man Without Fear?

•WHAT’S IN THE RINGS?!?!- Again this one is in the fold but is easier to make out. I’m going to guess this one is about the Mandarin’s rings…unless they too are trying to figure out what the heck the White Ring’s power is too.

STEVE’S VISION!– Another underline on another dashed line. Why write “what did Cap see” earlier on your timeline if you are going to get to a part where you get to see Steve’s vision…unless it’s part of some other thing. Like maybe Steve’s plan has come to fruition. Let’s just hope it’s not Nazi world.

•ULTRON WAR- is just sorta circled above the star or x in the timeline. This is referenced in this issue.

•YESTERDAYS X-MEN- Why is this written so far in the future? Does it not having a line attaching it to the larger timeline mean it doesn’t necessarily belong there? Does Beast get un-blue?

•BORN TO BURN- very faintly towards the top of the final dashed line it says born to burn. Phoenix? Is Hope really the Phoenix?

•WE ARE HERE- letting the person who is looking at this knew where they are

•KANGS FORCES- Lots of arrows showing that action. Again talked about in this issue.

There are still a few other things written in the margins other than just math that makes no sense, scientific looking drawings and words that are illegible. Things like INFINITE FUTURES with ∞ right above Infinite. Does this mean not all of this is set in stone and will be happening? There’s another thing that says SCORCHED EARTH??.  And next to that is 3(a skull drawing)ION. Is that about the Punisher? I do like that toward the bottom underneath Five Lights the future Tony Stark wrote and then crossed out: I NEED A DRINK.

So now we have seen what could be a glimpse into the future of Marvel Comics for a little bit at least (and I am a kinda cross-eyed from trying to read some of that faint fine print) get out there and enjoy your weekend!

5 Responses so far
  1. Rick Said,

    Howard Stark. You’re thinking of Henry Jones (who named the dog Indiana). Also, Shang-Chi will be turning up in Secret Avengers soon, so maybe that’s got something to do with it. And no one in these comics should ever utter (or scribble) the words “HEROIC AGE.”

    Posted on September 24th, 2010 at 2:10 pm

  2. BRiAN Said,

    Howard…Henry…whatever. heh. Thanks for that one. I do love me some Indiana Jones.

    Posted on September 24th, 2010 at 2:46 pm

  3. Patrick Said,

    The “Man Without Fear” part could be referring to the fact that Marvel is making Black Panther the new “Man Without Fear”.

    Posted on September 24th, 2010 at 4:48 pm

  4. Henry Said,

    Cute “rundown” link. Almost like being rickrolled…

    Posted on September 24th, 2010 at 10:47 pm

  5. Vince Said,

    Still holding off on reading this one [I’m always behind] but I have been all over that picture and I concur with Brian’s breakout. The Heroic Age name is kinda weird. And the Cap vision thing. But I guess we will see :)

    Posted on October 1st, 2010 at 3:30 pm

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