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Random Retro Comic Review

Posted by bnwadmin On August - 28 - 2010

ROM #33 (August 1982) Bill Mantlo (w), Sal Buscema, Joe Sinnott (a)

This Is What I Get For reading Rom as the issue opens in Maine of all places with a blind girl who sees her “shining silver savior” in her dreams. What did I get myself into this month?

Vampire Diaries Prequel? Or Dawson’s Creek or any other early WB show? The reason I state this is because early in the story Rom takes leave of the town he called home for a few months while wiping out the Dire Wraiths. However, one woman “loved him despite his space knight armor.” Hello, melodrama!

New Readers Welcome Believe it or not, issue 33 was a perfect jumping on point for new readers as Rom says goodbye to the past story arc and begins a new one. In the middle, there is a review of all of his mission as well – how handy!

King of the Inner Monologue Yes, being a lonely space knight can have its disadvantages, as this story took place during the height of the thought-balloon narrative. It can get a little tough.

Potential This might shock you, but this story could actually be retooled for today’s audiences. Here is a man, trapped in a metal body, whose planet was “moved” by Galactus. But he has pledged to guard the Earth against the Dire Wraiths. This could have heart in the right hands.

Titantic Factor It’s obvious that Mantlo was attempting to inject that heart into the story with his relationship with the above-mentioned woman, Brandy Clark. An unrequited love was not enough to keep audiences hooked unfortunately.

Of Course It’s All Connected With his mission to fight the Dire Wraiths, and the opening of the story with the blind girl in Maine, what did you think would happen? I thought they might go out for a spot of tea.

The Kazon! Reading this issue reminded me of the time in the 80s when the X-Men took on the Dire Wraiths. They were definitely an interesting villain, but probably not one strong enough to run a series adversary on, sort of like the Kazon of the first few seasons of Star Trek Voyager. Its time for this Space Knight to find another nemesis in this fine country of ours.

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