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Random Retro Comic Review

Posted by bnwadmin On August - 3 - 2010

Marvel Team-Up #4 (Volume 1; September 1972) Gerry Conway (w), Gil Kane (p), Steve Mitchell (i)

Bang for Your Buck Or your 20 cents. Storytelling has definitely changed since the 1960s and 1970s, mostly for the better. But opening this issue to the first page I am reminded how the writers used to tell a story with their words as well as the book’s pictures. Ah the good ol’ days.

Call to Arms A classic Marvel Team-Up (this one featuring Spidey and the X-Men), the book introduces our characters quickly while also getting right into the story. How’s that for economy.

Fourth Estate When was the last time the media was referred to as the Fourth Estate? Professor X does just that when explaining to his students why they must seek out Spider-Man, who was accused by the Daily Bugle (that crazy J. Jonah Jameson) of kidnapping. Bonus points to those of you who know why the media is referred to as the Fourth Estate. And a no-prize if you know no why no longer.

He’s Got the Fever The story starts with Peter Parker all feverish and sweaty, dreaming of Morbius. What’s up with that?

Foreshadowing When Spidey and the X-Men first meet, of course they battle, that’s what heroes always do in these funny books when they first met. At least that is what they used to do. Anyway, during the battle Iceman lobs some snowballs Spidey’s way, which makes our Web-Head respond with comparisons to the Human Torch.

Not Your True Blood Vamp Morbius does what all creatures of the night do and gets hungry so he feasts on an unsuspecting human. Check out page 21, this is definitely not the current batch of vamps who eat.

Only Chance This Month The X-Men’s appearance in Marvel Team-Up was their only one in a marvel book for the month, as their own book was currently in the bi-monthly rotation, often reprinting the team’s earlier adventures.

Eight Ball Corner Pocket There is a moment when Morbius has captured Jean and Cyclops must decided whether to stand down or attack. Of course he attacks, bouncing his eye beams off a mirror to win the moment.

One-Shot The Marvel Team-Ups wrapped up nicely at the end of each issue, but it did not mean its events could not carry on. The events of this issue sprung directly from the proceeding issue. Two stand alone’s that built on each other. Excelsior!

Visions of Brand New Day Maybe this is what Joe Quesada missed when he decided to take away Spidey’s marriage to Mary Jane. Pete decides to thank Jean Grey for saving his life by giving her a smack on the lips, I am not sure how Gwen and MJ would react however. What a Player.

Clothes Budget The X-Men only appear in uniform when the Professor first summons them, and in civilian attire for the rest of the issue, including their confrontations with Spider-Man and Morbius.

Mouthful Best line of the book came on the cover when Cyclops is getting ready to blast Spidey out of the sky – “Too late lady! (speaking to Jean) Scratch one Spider-Man!!!”

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