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Random Retro Comic Review

Posted by bnwadmin On June - 15 - 2010

Superman #233 (Volume 1; January 1971) Denny O’Neil (w), Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson (a)

Been There, Done That The cover image has been copied a couple of times and is the subject of the variant for the upcoming 700th issue that will kick off Michael Straczynski’s run this summer.

New Direction DC was looking to boost sales in the Superman books and beginning with this issue promised a “Return to Greatness.”

Long Reign Caesar Julius Scwartz began his epic run as Superman editor with this issue.

New Career Clark Kent mild-mannered reporter meet Clark Kent, TV reporter as new owner Morgan Edge decides to promote Kent to his broadcasting wing and thus limiting how Kent can change into his super-powered alter ego.

Going Green Before it was trendy Professor Bolden decided to try and power the planet using Kryptonite. These types of experiments rarely went well however.

Told Ya Turns out something did go wrong, Superman was there to save the day (Underdog must have been busy), but wait, there’s more.

No More Kryptonite Turns out the professor’s experiment turned all the green rocks on Earth to just plain old rocks.

Commercial Break Kent uses the downtime during a live broadcast to change duds and see who is plotting to sabotage a rocket launch.

Clobbering Time Some bad dudes are trying to hijack a rocket launch in planes. In one panel Superman decides to just punch threw the cockpit, knocking both men on the heads to knock them out. I would think that that punch would go through their skulls, but that’s just me, and could have stopped kids from buying the book.

Epilogue After the failed experiment and subsequent explosion that knocked our hero into a field, it left an outline of his body. The last page revealed something getting up and walking away from that outline. Looks like a future story, a Sandman story.

Bonus Feature Just like today, DC included a bonus feature in the back of the books, telling stories about Kyrpton. Price of the book, still just 15 cents! That’s a bonus.

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