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Random Retro Comic Review

Posted by bnwadmin On May - 15 - 2010

Alpha Flight #30 Volume 1 Bill Mantlo (w), Mike Mignola (p), Gerry Talaoc (i)

Did You Know Mike Mignola did have a life before creating Hellboy, including a run on Alpha Flight when he swapped books with Alpha Flight creator John Byrne, who took over Hulk.

On the Welfare With Byrne gone, Mantlo decided to go the government route and have Canada’s first super-hero squad funded entirely by the government.  This issue sees the team moving into their new digs on Tamarind Island.

Motley Crew By issue #30, Alpha Flight’s original ranks had been decimated to Heather Hudson, Puck, “depressed twins” Northstar and Aurora, Snowbird, Box and the mysterious Mr. Jeffries (named obviously after those tubes in Star Trek!).

Crossroads While issue #29 was the new creative team’s debut, issue 30 served as its pilot as Alpha Flight current and past were all embarking on new paths this time out.

Scramble, The Mixed-Up Man For more on this issue’s big bad, check out BRiAN’s A Character to Learn More About this week.

Aftermath All’s well at issue’s end as Alpha Flight works its mojo on that crazy Scramble.  But from the ashes rises a new threat rises from the morgue of all places.  That can’t be good.

Final Verdict Loved Mignola’s cover.  His pencils were okay, and were something different for 80’s Marvel Comics

.  I think he probably would have benefited from a seasoned inker.  Mantlo’s storytelling had a little too much inner-dialogue going on for its own good.

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