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Random Retro Comic Review

Posted by bnwadmin On April - 8 - 2010

Spectre #16 (V4); June 2002

J.M. DeMatteis (w), Norm Breyfogle (p), Jim Royal and Joe Rubinstein (f)

Spectre in Space Part 2 “Sacrifice”

Hal Jordan for most readers will always be a Green Lantern, or even “the” Green Lantern.  His adventures while protecting sector 2814 are legendary, the first time around and second after his “rebirth.” (Have you read Blackest Night?)

But before Geoff Johns returned Jordan to his iconic green and black uniform, he wore another green and black outfit as The Spectre.

The fourth and last (so far) series with The Spectre was the Hal Jordan version and lasted just 27 issues.  DeMatteis wrote the entire run and had an unenviable task – to give readers a new look at two longtime DC Characters – Jordan and The Spectre (personally I prefer the Gary Cole version from the animated feature on the latest DC straight-to-dvd effort).

Issue 16 has a couple of different story threads occurring.  Since I never read this book, it was a little confusing at first figuring out what was going on.  The main story appears to be Jordan’s guilt from the previous issue for his part in destroying an entire world.  However, an entity drops by (just like a wacky neighbor or Guy Gardner) to give Hal a lesson in the ways of the universe.

With this in mind, I had high hopes for this issue, only unfortunately to be let down.  Jordan is having problems assimilating in his new role as a spectre, insisting on remaining in a physical human form.  The entity is trying to broaden Jordan’s mind to the limitless possibilities that his new abilities provide him.  However, it does not seem to work.  The story feels predictable, and maybe I am just being harsh because I had high expectations at what the story could have accomplished.

There are also two other story threads that include Abin Sur (I am assuming this has nothing to do with Jordan’s current plight) and his niece Helen (which sets up the next issue).

Breyfogle’s pencils are serviceable and do not detract from the story (how’s that for vote of confidence?).  If you are a Green Lantern or Green Lantern Corp fan, this issue may be for you, especially when it was written since the Corp appear along with Sinestro courtesy of the entity.  Hal even dons the old uniform as well – a true walk or flight down memory lane.

Final Verdict Pass, unless you are a Hal Jordan or Spectre fanatic.

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