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Random Retro Comic Review

Posted by bnwadmin On February - 11 - 2010

It was a dark time for the Marvel Universe, and we are not talking Norman Osborn’s current reign.  No, it was the early 1990’s and Thanos was doing his best Brain impersonation (narf!) – trying to take over the world in the Infinity Gauntlet mini-series.  While that mini-series was going on, its impact was being felt in Manhattan as Thanos delivered Eon’s decaying corpse to Four Freedom’s Plaza.  Of course we are talking about Quasar #27 “From Here to Maternity,” this week’s Random Retro Comic Review, blindly selected by Brian.

Quasar #27 brought some of the Infinity Gauntlet to Earth, as Quasar inadvertently opened a portal in his office in Four Freedom’s Plaza that Thanos dropped Eon through, infesting Earth.  If not stopped, Eon will cover the planet up to 12,000 feet above sea level.

Mark Gruenwald and Greg Capullo pulled out all the stops as Marvel’s heavy hitters all make an appearance – Moondragon, Jack of Hearts, Squadron Supreme, Him and Her.  Quasar is stuck inside Eon and Thanos has manifested four former Protectors of the Universe with their very own quantum bands in which to face Quasar – Ree, Stygian Strabender, Tantra and Marvel Boy.

Quasar’s defeat of the quartet helps him save Eon’s unborn child – Epoch, which this issue marks the first appearance.

The quote of the book came on page 24 as Eon drains into a hole in the planet that Jack of Hearts has created, and when he comes upon the drain, Quasar cries “Holy Spumoni!”  Yeah he went there.

It was a fun and self-contained issue.  There were a lot of things going outside the book that impacted the story, but readers could pick this issue up, read it and not be lost, like me.  The nice thing about the comics from this time period – about 20 years ago, is that editor’s notes were still littered throughout, explaining other events to keep readers caught up.

Capullo’s pencils, coupled with Keith Williams inks were detailed and probably a little under rated compared to some of what we are seeing in today’s books.

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