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Our Crew

Posted by bnwadmin On January - 3 - 2010


He is the founder, president, director, COO, CFO, CDO and czar of the Brave New Worlds Empire (he’s in the Empire Business) which spans two counties in the Philadelphia area.

Also he’s never around so good luck getting a hold of him, solicitors. Yea you…He knows who you are!


When Eric is not playing Magic or selling comics in the store, he is often spotted scootering throughout Montgomery County (and on the BNW Godzilla cover).


Rob runs Brave New Worlds Old City and wields his power like an expert swordsman. Rob once read the entire Killing Joke, cover to cover, in Japanese. Rob cannot read Japanese. Rob gives epic high fives and enjoys fine beers in fancy glasses.

Also Rob cannot stand The Big Bang Theory. Be sure to ask him if he’s watched the most recent episode next time you see him.


Likes coffee, single malt scotch whisky, Frankenstein, Abraham Lincoln, Old World Primates, the Goon, Hellboy, Ron Perlman, Honda Elements, the Periodic Table of Elements, the music of the Eels/Doves/Sunny Day Real Estate/Huey Lewis and the News, Bill Murray, and pizza. And beer.


Contributor to Philly’s own Geekadelphia, Dustin can be found helping out on Saturdays (or basically any time he’s free) in Old City. On Free Comic Book Day he’ll probably draw you something nice!


She’ll sell you comics on Sunday and cheese burgers the rest of the week at Sketch Burger in Fishtown. Also this

George “not to be confused with the other George” Efelis

To say that little is known about the latest addition to Willow Grove is an understatement. Some say he was raised by wolves while others say he was raised to buy them. What we do know and what you can count on is that he’ll be behind the counter and ready to help you out with any and all of your Brave New Worlds needs (no matter what they may be) at the drop of a hat! A valuable new asset to the BNW Empire George seems to be in the shop 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Some Other Guys in Willow Grove

There are some other guys that work out in Willow Grove. You’ll see them if you shop there.