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Brave New Worlds started on a dare in Willow Grove Pennsylvania April\'s Fool\'s Day 1989. It was originally named the \"Comic Book Store\" until the shop moved to Jenkintown. Brave New Worlds has been serving the greater Philadelphia area\'s comic book and toy needs for over 20 Years. You can visit Brave New Worlds in one of 2 locations:

Willow Grove - 433 West Moreland Road Willow Grove, Pa. (215.657.8838) Hours - Sunday 11-6, Monday-Friday 11-9, Saturday 11-7

Philadelphia - 55 N. 2nd Street Philadelphia, Pa. (215.925.6525) Hours - Sunday 11-6, Monday-Saturday 11-8

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M:TG Hour of Devastation Prerelease Events in W-G

Posted by Eric On June - 26 - 2017

HoD storyOur Willow Grove location will be hosting 3 prerelease events for the new Magic: the Gathering set, Hour of Devastation, beginning at midnight on July 7th.  Your $30 entry will get you a prerelease kit containing 6 boosters and a foil, date-stamped promo from which you must build a 40-card deck. 2 booster packs of Hour of Devastation cards per person will be added to the prize pool, with approximately the top 4th of players getting prizes.  The Invocation series of cards which began in the Amonkhet set will continue here.  Examples  of an invocation and other exciting cards form the new set are pictured below.  Dates and times for our events are as follows:

  • Friday, July 7th (into the 8th) @ midnight
  • Saturday,  July 8th @ noon
  • Sunday, July 9th @ noon

We will also be hosting booster drafts to celebrate the official release of the set on Saturday, July 15th, beginning @ 12 noon.

For more information on the prerelease, you can visit the official Magic website here.



Posted by BRiAN On June - 1 - 2017

HEY YOU! YOU LIKE GWAR?! We’ve got an exclusive cover for their upcoming series GWAR ORGASMAGEDDON #1 coming out Wednesday June 7th! AAAAAAND we’re doing a signing with the cover artist!

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Posted by BRiAN On May - 29 - 2017

We’re adding to our already sweet as heck 50% OFF offerings! Here’s a full list of what’s coming in (or possibly already in stock!)

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MTG: Standard Showdown Events in W-G

Posted by Eric On May - 3 - 2017

Our Willow Grove location will be hosting Magic: the Gathering Standard Showdown Events starting next Saturday, May 13th.

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Posted by BRiAN On February - 22 - 2017

Holy smokes, guys & gals! We’ve got some sweet new 50% OFF MARVEL OMNIBUS-es-es-es coming at ya this week! Check this stuff out because you don’t want to miss out on this goodness!


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New Formats for Friday Night Magic

Posted by Eric On February - 16 - 2017


Our new schedule for FNM events has begun!

  • 1st Friday of each month – Standard
  • 2nd Friday of each month – Modern
  • 3rd Friday of each month – Commander
  • 4th Friday of each month – Pauper
  • 5th Friday of each month (if it exists) – Conspiracy: Take the Crown booster drafts

Want us to host other formats?  E-mail Eric:

New Shipment of 50% Off Books!

Posted by BRiAN On November - 28 - 2016

Now that you’ve stuffed yourself full of turkey, had your fill of family and friends and spent your weekend shopping til you drop we’ve got a whole new list of 50% OFF hardcovers and graphic novels!

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Yes! We Do Gift Cards!

Posted by BRiAN On December - 9 - 2015

Having trouble making decisions at the comic shop for your Holiday Shopping?! We’re here to help and we’ve brought Gift Cards!

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New This Week

Posted by BRiAN On January - 3 - 2015

Here’s a very handy visual list of everything that’s new this week!

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