Brave New Worlds

The Best Comic Shops in the Philadelphia Area!

Brave New Worlds started on a dare in Willow Grove Pennsylvania April\'s Fool\'s Day 1989. It was originally named the \"Comic Book Store\" until the shop moved to Jenkintown. Brave New Worlds has been serving the greater Philadelphia area\'s comic book and toy needs for over 20 Years. You can visit Brave New Worlds in one of 2 locations:

Willow Grove - 433 West Moreland Road Willow Grove, Pa. (215.657.8838) Hours - Sunday 11-6, Monday-Friday 11-9, Saturday 11-7

Philadelphia - 55 N. 2nd Street Philadelphia, Pa. (215.925.6525) Hours - Sunday 11-6, Monday-Saturday 11-8

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Kirby’s 100th and New Comics

Posted by BRiAN On August - 26 - 2017

The weekend is in FULL SWING right now so why not sit back and put your feet up and look at what’s coming this week in all things BNW!

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Here’s to another week of Comics!

Posted by BRiAN On August - 19 - 2017

Here’s our list of what’s going on in the world of Brave New Worlds including what we’ll have on the shelves this Wednesday 8.23.17!


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What’ll Be New On 8.16.17!

Posted by BRiAN On August - 12 - 2017

Another weekend is upon us all! This week’s list of comics features one of those rare Midnight releases too so strap on those stayin up late boots and we’ll see what’s coming out together!

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Posted by BRiAN On August - 10 - 2017

You can be the first kid on your block (or grown-up in your office) to know what’s going on with DC Comics’ Dark Multiverse by snagging a copy of Dark Nights Metal #1 at midnight!

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Posted by BRiAN On August - 5 - 2017

Now that we’ve all paid rent and all those pesky bills that sneak up on the first of the month let’s look at what’s coming out for the 2nd Wednesday of August 2017! (That’s 8.9.17 everyone!) **Spoiler Alert** one of them is a comic by an old Philly friend of ours!

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