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New Formats for Friday Night Magic

Posted by Eric On February - 16 - 2017


Due to the success of the first, our Willow Grove location will be hosting another Pauper Magic event on Friday, March 24th.  The event will be (of course) Pauper constructed, which is a format which only allows common cards to be included in decks.  For more on the format, including the banned list, check out the Wizards of the Coast Pauper MTG site here.

We will also be rolling out a new schedule for FNM events, starting with the Pauper event on the 24th.  Events for the 10th and 17th will be casual.

  • 1st Friday of each month – Standard
  • 2nd Friday of each month – Commander
  • 3rd Friday of each month – Modern
  • 4th Friday of each month – Pauper
  • 5th Friday of each month (if it exists) – Conspiracy: Take the Crown booster drafts

Want us to host other formats?  E-mail Eric:

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