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Southern Cross Ghost Variant

Posted by BRiAN On March - 7 - 2015

Becky Cloonan and Andy Belanger  have teamed up on a new Image series! That series is also getting a Ghost Variant for it’s first issue!


This time around the Ghost has managed to get Tula Lotay to lend her ethereal style, you know that style you’ve probably fallen in love with on Supreme Blue Rose (seriously you should read that book), to what should be a creepy new comics series!


(W) Becky Cloonan (A) Andy Belanger (CA) Becky Cloonan
NOW BOARDING: Southern Cross, tanker flight 73 to TITAN!
Alex Braith is on board retracing her sister’s steps to the refinery moon, hoping to collect her remains and find some answers. The questions keep coming though-how did her sister die? Where did her cabin mate disappear to? Who is that creep across the hall? And why does she always feel like she’s being watched? Inspired by classic mysteries and weird fiction, SOUTHERN CROSS is a crucible of creeping anxiety and fear as Braith struggles with the ghosts of her past on board a ship that holds secrets best kept buried.

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