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Wes Craig can draw

Posted by BRiAN On April - 11 - 2014

If you’ve been to BNW Old City you’ve probably had me, Rob or Michelle babble on and on about Deadly Class and with good reason. The story is intriguing and the characters are engaging BUT man alive is that art nice to look at…


Personally I was happily surprised by Deadly Class when I read issue #1 (as a pdf a few weeks before it hit the shelves…job perks ya know #nbd #humblebrag). I was expecting a great little story full of interesting characters, because that’s what Remender always gives me (and yea they’re in there), but honestly I wasn’t really expecting much from the art.

I was in on the book based on the writer alone and I know a lot of you read your books for the writers. Honestly I just wasn’t sure who this Wes Craig character was…but I am sure as hell glad I know who he is now! Just look at these process pages (that I’ve re-appropriated from his tumblr):


tumblr_n14ko86C8Q1rd2eyko2_250 DeadlyGridFinal DeadlyGridFinal

That isn’t even one of my fave pages from this series so far but it’s awesome… Wes has a great eye for sweet layouts and panel choices that really move the story along. It’s fair to say I’ve recently become a huge fan…and I’ve gotta track down some of the other stuff he did before he was on my radar.

Thanks to Wes’ twitter and tumblr his webcomic, Black Hand Comics, IS now on my radar…and it should be on yours too! (I guess I should take a second to say that some of the material in Black Hand Comics isn’t for kids…but what kid would be reading what I’m writing on here…I dunno…anyway back to cool stuff)




The first one I read a few weeks back was titled Long Way Home. It’s a story of a sad and lonely alcoholic making that sad, lonely and long trek home after a night of being sad, lonely and drunk.  Maybe I was just hungover enough at the time for the story to resonate with me. I especially enjoyed the way he illustrated drunk vision by layering the drawings and slightly blurring things up just enough so that if you’ve been there you totally know.

In The Seed color is used but the palette is limited. That along with the widescreen format really adds an energy to the strip. Circus Day starts off bright and uses some awesome poster-like layouts but those colors fade away as the tale unfolds.

Okay I think you get it…I enjoy the crap out of these comics. So what are ya waiting for?! Go read some Wes Craig comics! Both online and in print format. Go see him at comic conventions! Buy his art! Support this dude. (Man, I just got pumped on comics)

(oh, Wes if you ever make it to Philly the drinks are on me…well a few anyways…I mean within reason)

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