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Posted by BRiAN On November - 14 - 2012

You may remember a few months back when BNW got a really sweet Variant Cover to Walking Dead #101…well it looks like the Ghost has decided to send us another one. This time in the form of a Variant cover for Saga #7…

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If you’re unfamiliar with Saga here’s what you need to know:

Brian K. Vaughan (he’s that sweet dude who created Y the Last Man and Ex Machina and even wrote some of the real good episodes of LOST) has teamed up with artist extraordinaire Fiona Staples (she did the art on DV8: Gods and Monsters, Mystery Society and one of my favorite issues of Northlanders) to tell a story that’s some parts Star Wars and other parts Romeo and Juliet but totally a whole lot of sweet! With Fiona’s awesome art and Vaughan’s witty dialogue and likable characters this series practically insists that you read it…so you really should be reading it.

Anyways there’s an new awesome Ghost Variant cover to issue #7 (the latest issue of the book and the first issue to be released following the first trade…which is only $9.99 btw!!!). It features The Stalk drawn in her creepy glory by BNW fave Paul Pope! Not to mention the fantastic coloring job by Fiona Staples! This cover rules!


We will have copies of the Paul Pope Ghost Variant edition of Saga #7 in both of our locations for $9.99! Remember supplies are limited and this cover is too cool to hang out for long! Swing by and get your copy soon! (as a heads up almost every issue of SAGA has sold out and gone to a bazllion other printings…THIS WILL NOT BE REPRINTED) Heck, Bleeding Cool has already spilled the beans on it so who knows how long this one will last.

If we’ve still got this one laying around your best bet may be to CHECK HERE FOR IT

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