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Don’t Forget Old City Is Moving!

Posted by BRiAN On August - 18 - 2012

Don’t forget that our Old City location is re-locating! Here’s all the details you will need to remember about the move.

It’s so close it’s not even funny!

RIGHT UP THE STREET: Don’t worry everyone. The new store is literally right up the street. We’re currently at 45 North 2nd Street in Old City and will be moving a whopping 89′ to 55 North 2nd Street. (It’s literally so close our cordless phone works there when we walked over to test it.)

STARTING SUNDAY AFTER WE CLOSE: We’re open all weekend for our normal hours but when 6pm rolls around we will be closing like normal…and then starting our moving process.

MONDAY AND TUESDAY: We will be CLOSED Monday August 20th for a full day of moving stuff. It’ll be a crazy busy day full of heavy lifting and moving. If things are ahead of schedule we may be able to operate on a base level on TUESDAY (but no promises) but may still likely be closed.

REOPENING WEDNESDAY FOR NEW COMICS: After and intense couple of days we will be up and running on WEDNESDAY the 22nd with all the new comics and stuff just like always…just in the all new spot! (Be nice to us because we may be real tired)

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