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New This Week: 3.14.12

Posted by BRiAN On March - 10 - 2012

It’s the 2nd Week of March. It’s also theĀ  2nd week of DC #7s and less than a month til Avengers vs X-Men kicks off! Here’s the list of the stuff we’ll have for you come Wednesday!…


30 days of night ongoing #5
activity #4
adventure time #1 (3rd ptg )
archie double digest #227
artifacts #15
avengers #24
avengers assemble #1
batgirl #7
batman and robin #7
battle scars #5 (of 6 )
batwoman #7
blue estate #10
btvs season 9 freefall #7
buckaroo banzai #1
captain america #9
carnage usa #4 (of 5 )
comics three stooges (one shot )
conan the barbarian #2
crossed badlands #1
daken dark wolverine #22
dark matter #3 (of 4 )
dark shadows #4
dead mans run #2
deathstroke #7
demon knights #7
doctor who classics series iv #2 (of 6 )
doctor who ongoing vol 2 #15
draw #22
elric the balance lost #9
exile on the planet of the apes #1 (of 4 )
fantastic four #604
fathom kiani vol 2 #0
frankenstein agent of shade #7
gearhearts steampunk glamor revue #2
gi joe a real american hero #176
gi joe vol 2 ongoing #11
glory #23 2nd ptg
glory #24
godzilla legends #5 (of 5 )
green lantern #7
grifter #7
haunt #22
horrorhound #34
incredible hulk #6
infestation 2 gi joe #1 (of 2)
infestation 2 teenage mutant ninja turtles #1 (of 2 )
journey into mystery #635
knights of the dinner table #184
legion lost #7
lobster johnson the burning hand #3 (of 5 )
locke & key clockworks #5 (of 6 )
marksmen #6 (of 6 )
mega man #11
mister terrific #7
mouse guard black axe #4 (of 6 )
my greatest adventure #6 (of 6 )
nancy in hell on earth #2 (of 4 )
next men aftermath #41
ninjettes #2
northanger abbey #5 (of 5 )
northlanders #49
nowhere man #2 (of 4 )
orbit cast of doctor who bk mkt ed
orchid #5
pc cast house of night #5 (of 5 )
peter panzerfaust #2
powers #9
punisher #9
ray #4 (of 4 )
reed gunther #9
resurrection man #7
robert e howards savage sword #4
saga #1
saucer country #1
scarlet spider #3
shade #6 (of 12 )
simpsons comics #188
star trek 100 page spectacular 2012
star wars agent o/t empire iron eclipse #4 (of 5 )
star wars knights of the old republic war #3 (of 5 )
strain #4 (of 12 )
strange talent of luther strode #6 (of 6 )
suicide squad #7
super heroes #24
superboy #7
thief of thieves #2
tmnt micro series #2 michelangelo global conquest
transformers more than meets eye ongoing #3
ultimate comics x-men #9
unwritten #35
war goddess #6
warlord of mars #16
wasteland #35
wolverine and x-men #7
x-23 #21
x-men legacy #263


art of tara mcpherson hc vol 03 bunny i/t moon
avengers childrens crusade hc
batman year one deluxe edition hc
corto maltese tp vol 01 ballad of the salt sea
crossed tp vol 03 psychopath
dc universe online legends tp vol 02
doctor who ongoing 2 tp vol 03 came outer space
eightball like a velvet glove cast in iron tp new edition
flashpoint world of flashpoint batman tp
flashpoint world of flashpoint superman tp
flashpoint world of flashpoint wonder woman tp
george perez art of hc
ghostbusters ongoing tp vol 01
journey into mystery fear itself fallout prem hc
knuckles the echidna archives tp vol 02
mark twain tales of mystery hc
mighty avengers 8 button play a sound hc
northlanders tp vol 06 thors daughter
queen crab hc
richie rich digest gn vol 01 boon under the bay
showcase presents young love tp vol 01
smurfs gn vol 11 smurf olympics
snake eyes ongoing tp vol 02
spider-man spider sense look and find hc
star wars omnibus emissaries and assassins tp
stuff of legend tp vol 03
transformers tp vol 07 chaos
ultimate comics avengers vs new ultimates dosm tp
uncanny x-men by kieron gillen prem hc vol 01
womanthology heroic hc
x-men season one prem hc


batman arkham asylum play arts kai batman af
doctor who series 6 10pc af asst wave 02
doctor who series 6 10pc af asst wave 03


ame comi wonder woman repaint pvc figure
dc vintage comic cover 4pc pint glass set
doctor who tardis figural mug (restock)
game of thrones character magnet set
game of thrones house sigil magnet set
game of thrones playing cards
goliath new uniform ver px statue
iron man hydro armor mini-bust
iron man hydro armor px statue
professor x statue
sw 501st clone trooper px artfx+ statue 2pk
yo gabba gabba 12-in brobee designer plush
yo gabba gabba 12-in muno designer plush
yo gabba gabba 12-in plex designer plush
yo gabba gabba 12-in toodee designer plush

4 Responses so far
  1. Scott Said,

    No Footprints GN? Got pushed again?

    Posted on March 10th, 2012 at 1:18 pm

  2. BRiAN Said,

    it seems that it is, in fact, still on delay. no date for you as of now…sorry

    Posted on March 10th, 2012 at 3:03 pm

  3. Conor Said,

    What about Kick Ass 2? Wasn’t that supposed to come out this week?

    Posted on March 11th, 2012 at 3:16 pm

  4. BRiAN Said,

    I just checked the Diamond Shipping schedule and Kick Ass 2 #7 appears to be scheduled to ship on March 21 2012. And it is Mark Millar after all, so any initial dates can seemingly just be tossed out the window and the book will come out whenever he gets around to it…sadly.

    Posted on March 13th, 2012 at 12:56 pm

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