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Posted by BRiAN On December - 28 - 2011

Get Ready! Get Set! Don’t MISS IT! It’s that time of year again! IT’S THE BRAVE NEW WORLDS NEW YEARS DAY SALE!!! Keep reading to find out how much you can SAVE!

We get asked all the time if stuff in “ON SALE” or “WHEN IS THE NEXT SALE” and more often than not we have to say “no sorry, not today” or “you just missed our _____ (fill in with Holiday ie 4th of July or Memorial Day) Sale.” We don’t like to disappoint you guys so be sure to take advantage of this one this time, and save us all the trouble of having to break your heart when we tell you you missed the sale (again).

Both BNW locations will be running a massive 20% OFF EVERYTHING SALE starting at 11am and running until 6pm! You really can’t beat getting all those sweet comics you didn’t get, for your respective Holiday, with any sort of Yule Log, or other holiday related wooden object. Take advantage of this while you can! (the next sale isn’t for a long time!)

Come save on some comics (the holidays aren't over yet!)



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