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Brave New Worlds started on a dare in Willow Grove Pennsylvania April\'s Fool\'s Day 1989. It was originally named the \"Comic Book Store\" until the shop moved to Jenkintown. Brave New Worlds has been serving the greater Philadelphia area\'s comic book and toy needs for over 20 Years. You can visit Brave New Worlds in one of 2 locations:

Willow Grove - 433 West Moreland Road Willow Grove, Pa. (215.657.8838) Hours - Sunday 11-6, Monday-Friday 11-9, Saturday 11-7

Philadelphia - 55 N. 2nd Street Philadelphia, Pa. (215.925.6525) Hours - Sunday 11-6, Monday-Saturday 11-8

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New This Week: 1.4.2012 !!!

Posted by BRiAN On December - 31 - 2011

HOLY CRAP THAT FELT WEIRD! (in case you were wondering what I mean by that…I’m talking typing 2012!) Now get to clicking and see what’s gonna be on our shelves in the first week of twentytwelve!

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Posted by BRiAN On December - 28 - 2011

Get Ready! Get Set! Don’t MISS IT! It’s that time of year again! IT’S THE BRAVE NEW WORLDS NEW YEARS DAY SALE!!! Keep reading to find out how much you can SAVE!

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New This Week: 12.28.11

Posted by BRiAN On December - 24 - 2011

Here we are…It’s Christmas Eve and do you have all your shoppin’ done?! If so continue reading and check out all the sweet stuff comin’ out on Wednesday this week! (REMEMBER THE HOLIDAYS NO LONGER CHANGE NEW COMIC DAY!)

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New This Week: 12.21.11

Posted by BRiAN On December - 17 - 2011

We’re now halfway through the last shopping weekend before the big X-Mens err i mean X-MAS. Hope you’re takin’ care of all the business you gotta take care of…some last min gift ideas will be out on Wednesday!…


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New This Week: 12.14.11

Posted by BRiAN On December - 10 - 2011

Here we are about to enter on of the last shopping weeks of the Holiday Season. Don’t let this be you!!! Here’s the products shipping this week with a bonus edition of our Holiday Gift Guide attached!



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New This Week: 12.7.11

Posted by BRiAN On December - 3 - 2011

New comics this week come out on a day “(date) that will live in infamy” (70 years ago the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and thus causing the US to seriously join the war effort in WWII). Ok, now with the history lesson out of the way, let’s check out comics….

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Malifaux miniatures invade Willow Grove

Posted by Eric On December - 1 - 2011



At the request of many regular Warhammer 40K players our Willow Grove store will now be stocking the Malifaux miniatures game!  As described on the Wyrd Games’ website:

Trigger-happy gunslingers, misguided Victorian science, hungry undead, and monsters hidden in every shadow; these are the terrors that will plague you in Malifaux.  Are you willing to risk your soul for a chance at great wealth and power? Because it’s the only thing you have worth trading. In Malifaux, you lead your crew in the battle for control of The Breach, a dark portal to a world of limitless magic.

All aboard! Malifaux is the end of the line.

We will be stocking the rules manual as well as the box sets for each of the five main factions:

  • Arcanists
  • Guild
  • Resurrectionists
  • Neverborn
  • Outcasts

If you would like to special order any specific figures, please stop by our Willow Grove store to place an order.  For more information on game play and characters, visit the games’ official website here.

First Friday FAST!!!

Posted by BRiAN On December - 1 - 2011

Tomorrow is First Friday once again and this month we are proud to bring you guys an Official Sonic the Hedgehog art show featuring all sorts of top talent from…well everywhere! Get ready this one is gonna be awesome!!!

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