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Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts

Posted by BRiAN On November - 18 - 2011

Remember last year when we presented a screening of the Grant Morrison based documentary Talking With Gods?! We’re teaming up again with Sequart and Repsect Films to screen their latest documentary: Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts

Admittedly the location of our last screening was a bit off the beaten path and a lot of you couldn’t find the place or even get there ’cause it was a little out of the way…but in a super badass location…this time RESPECT FILMS and SEQUART FILMS have decided to go with a more accessible local. One with which the Philly Comic Nerd and Geek Scene should be (if not are very) acquainted- National Mechanics!

 Warren Ellis is a crazy awesome comics visionary (you should really read some of his work…seriously0 and on Sunday December 4th at 7pm at National Mechanics we will be screening Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts (here’s the trailer) for a 21+ crowd. Tickets will be available at the door on the night but you can be sure to grab your ticket beforehand at BNW for the low low price of $7 (sold 1 just now as I was typing this up). So make sure you round up a posse, read up on your Transmet and Planetary, get yourself a case of Red Bull (Mr Ellis drinks a ton of that stuff btw) and make sure you don’t miss this screening!


Warren wont be there but he would do this to you if he was.

Who: Everyone cool will be there (‘cept Warren…he can’t make it)…also everyone will be 21+…whew no crying babies. Unless you tend to drink a bit too much and turn into a crying baby…but we wont go into that now…

What: For seven bucks you can see badass documentary called Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts making it’s premiere in and playing only once in Philadelphia. So be there.

Where: Right around the corner from Brave New Worlds Old City where plenty of buses and trains will drop you off!

National Mechanics

22 South 3rd Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106

When: Sunday December 4th @ 7pm (BNW OC is open til 6 so swing by the shop and see Rob then head over for a bite to eat before the movie starts)

Why: Because it’s a movie about Warren Ellis and that National is superawesome with great food and there’s sweet sweet booze action.

How: Any darn way you can make it…oh you meant how much. I thought we covered that $7 (tickets available at the door or before the 4th at BNW)

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