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NEVER TOO Late For H-Ween!

Posted by BRiAN On November - 1 - 2011

Hellboy just can’t be late for Halloween. He’s a gosh-darned Devil for crying out loud! He’s basically living Halloween all the damn time!…especially with all the crazy stuff that happens to him. He’s also got a new OGN* out tomorrow…

There are a few things that get me fired up for comics. Hellboy is one of them…and if you add Frankenstein to it you know I’m probably going to lose my shit. Let’s take a look at the solicitation for Hellboy: House of the Living Dead shall we:

Devastated over the loss of his luchador comrade to vampires, Hellboy lingers in Mexican bars until he’s invited to participate in the ultimate wrestling match with a vicious Frankenstein monster!

WHAT THE?! Did they write this with me (and a few of my compatriots) in mind?! I mean are they literally listening to the beer induced babble between myself and Patch?! However this book came into being I am super glad it did!

Maybe this will help me get over the fact that Fear Agent ends forever this week…

Here’s a preview of the book from the good folks over at Dark Horse!!


Hellboy: House of the Living Dead HC

Price: $14.99

Mike Mignola
Richard Corben
Dave Stewart
Cover Artist:
Mike Mignola

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