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I Went To NYCC

Posted by BRiAN On October - 18 - 2011

Some of you out there in the innernette may know I left Philadelphia for the first time in years and decided to head up to the ol New York Comic Con in NYC this past weekend. How was it you ask?! Read on for a few thoughts…

I’m going to start this off by saying I’ve never been to a BIG convention before. This was my first. I’ve had good/mediocre times at the Philly Con (in it’s PRIME I’d borderline say great times) but as we all know that Con has transmogrified from being a Comic Convention into a C and D List Entertainment Convention. If I wanna meet WWE Super Star Virgil next year I know he’ll be coming to Philly.

As it seems with most of the Cons I got to, no matter what the size, I spend all of my time in Artist Alley. I like to talk to artists in a one on one manner, if they have the time. I tend not to swing by the big booths (they’re really crowded a lot of the time), I’m not gonna spend money at shops (let’s face it I spend all my time in a comic shop) and while I’d love to sit in on a panel to hear the news “first”, I’m not looking to spend time waiting in line or sitting cramped in a room full of people (every panel I’ve ever been to I’ve been sitting near the smelly guy or the annoying guy who has something to say about every talking point…and before you accuse me of being the smelly guy¬† I assure you the one time I have no idea how a human could smell like that). I’m getting ahead of myself though.

I had a great time! I arrived in NYC just before 11pm on Saturday night. My plan was to find my friend Sarah who lives in NY and meet up w/ her and have her show me a good time. She knows some comics people, as she used to write for Newsarama and her one good friend was an Editor on the Bat-books until recently, so I knew we’d end up somewhere cool. Little did I really know that I’d end up at the iFanboy/Marvel Comics Party. I’m pretty sure that Rob was a little fed up with my texts from about midnight to 2am. Spending those hours sitting around a table drinking beers and shooting the shit with (Uncanny X-Men/Journey Into Mystery scribe) Kieron Gillen and his wife Chrissy (who’s really awesomely hilarious btw), Jamie McKelvie (Phonogram and X-Men Season One artist) and Lauren Sankovitch (editor extraordinaire of Journey Into Mystery) made for an oddly awesome end to my day. Mix in the fact that I shook hands with Garth Ennis, actually physically bumped into John Romita Jr (I think), saw Dave Finch (what’s a DC guy doing there?), had to say excuse me and sorry to Jason Aaron (Scalped and Wolverine and the X-men) as I squeezed through the crowd carrying drinks (free ones btw…thanks iFanboy/Marvel) and at one point mid conversation looked up from my seat to see that Matt Fraction was standing next to me (me: “Hey man.” Matt Fraction: “Hi, how’re you doing?”). It was an awesome end to a crazy day that started in Philly at 10:30am and I hadn’t even been to the Con yet.

You may or may not know this but NYC is huge. I knew this but my brain + beers had to recalibrate this fact. The next day, my only day at the Con, it took a while to get from Brooklyn to Midtown. Between trains being out and having to take shuttle buses (why the F was that thing so damn warm?!), certain trains only being express and being sure to stop in and check on the status of Occupy Wall Street (which I’m glad I did) I got to the Con with plenty of time to see and do what I wanted to do.

Sarah needed to make contact with Ryan Kelly (artist of Local and both New York 4 and New York 5) to sure up dinner plans for that evening, after the con but before I took the bus home. As we were doing this my phone died. I had plans of taking tons of pictures, sending tons of tweets and meeting up with people but alas all hopes of doing that died. I mean when I walked by Fred Armisen on my way to the bathroom I’d have loved to have snagged a pic with him. But I couldn’t. When I talked to Becky Cloonan (swoon) for 15 min I would’ve loved to ask her for a pic with her (that shit woulda been my avatar/icon/profile pic for every form of digital communication I have). Finding BNW’s own Chris Beaumont’s CubeeCraft booth may have been easier had my phone worked (except he was right behind Becky Cloonan so I found him way easy). Also maybe just knowing what time it was could have helped me figure out what was going on around me.

Phone troubles be damned…I had a great time. That being said I’m not sure if Cons are for me. Unless there’s just a con out there where I get to meet and talk to awesome artists. I can do without all the videogame booths causing blockages in the aisles. I can do without all the cosplayers stopping every other second to pose for 5 guys with digital slr cameras, who need to get real low angle shots for some reason, when I’m trying to walk around. Who brings a stroller to a comic con!? Maybe if I had had more than one day there I would be signing a different tune. And maybe if I had a trillion more dollars in my pocket so that I could pay all the badass artists for commissions and art books that I couldn’t afford and had to, sadly, leave behind. I also wonder how tiring/stressful this whole weekend has to be for the creators…and did any of them get Monday off?!

Also I think I’ll probably go again…if the opportunity arises in the future.

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