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BNW First Friday INSANITY!

Posted by BRiAN On October - 4 - 2011

We here at Brave New Worlds Comics thought for a second that we were once again left out to dry for an art show. We were scheduled to have, what we hoped would be, yet another badass show for First Friday October 7th (psst that’s this Friday)…BUT HAVE NO FEAR!

What has originally started as a bit of a drunken-ish idea between ourselves and the local artist crews from around the city will now be taking shape and becoming a reality! Thanks to some last min planning, awesome people and an all around psyched attitude we are going to do our first ever LIVE DRAW MEGA JAM!

As of right now it’s being called (well at least in my mind): 3 Sheets to the Wind: The 1st Ever Live Mega Jam presented by BNW, PCS and the Philly Comix Jam with very special guests South Philly’s Own South Fellini!!!

Here’s how I originally posed the idea to the artists:

What I am sorta envisioning here is that we hang some very large sheets of paper on the wall (either in long roll form or in larger personal size for each person who comes out) and you just draw! Crazy go nuts! Maybe some people could play Exquisite Corpse or something of that ilk. Maybe you spend a few hours making up a sweet comic strip. Maybe you go with a Fall motif. Maybe you just try to see how many times you can draw me n Rob high-5-ing in all sorts of cool action poses! Maybe you take requests. I wanna say anything goes within reason (except I’m gonna have to say no crude nudie things or other inappropriate schtuff like that).  Use whatever medium you want (again within reason…don’t do an oil painting or use spray paint) in the creation.

Sounds pretty sweet right!? So why not come on down to Old City and check out awesome artists creating live in a very fun atmosphere! This will be the first time we’ve attempted a live drawing jam type show so let’s make this thing huge! I even hear that Tony Trov, of South Fellini, will be spinning some sweet tunes! This whole thing is probably gonna be the best thing goin’ anywhere this First Friday!



First Friday October 7th 2011



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