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Time to take 2nd Look?!

Posted by BRiAN On August - 1 - 2011

Remember all the way back in Avengers #5 when they were trapped in peaceful horrible future and the Hulk was an old man and Ultron was a scary world wide Skynet-like threat?! If you don’t remember that you should probably pick up Avengers Vol 1 (1-6, $19.99) which came out this past week…

If you have the issue in your collection (err i mean stack of comics on your nightstand/desk/toilet area[?] that you are meaning/promising to “clean up” or put in a bag and board and then fully catalog and index in a long box) go grab it…you’ll need it handy in the next 20 min or so while your brain is curious. In that issue, you’ll remember, our heroes were confronted by a chart of historic events, a timeline if you will, that showed them the events that were to come and helped them solve their problem.

It also gave us, the readers, a look into what Marvel had in store for us in the past, well now that I think about it, the past year! When the issue first came out I spent a Friday morning reading the chart and scrying the future out of it as best I could. If you missed that CLICK HERE

Let’s see how I did and take a look at it again. First here’s the Timeline:


Looks like I was unaware of Spidey joining the FF when I wrote:

•SPIDER ON THE HORIZON- There’s a dashed line going down with that written in a circle at the end of it. Whatever that means.

I still don’t know what Throwbacks means…maybe it’s Thunderbolts related?:

•THROWBACKS- up above that is the word Throwbacks. Who the heck knows what that means?! I sure don’t.

I seemed to have totally missed the meaning of Who Is Worthy (we all know that’s all Fear Itself stuff now) but I still don’t know ’bout this 9.9.9 business:

•FIVE LIGHTS- at the end of the Second Coming we saw those 5 lights signifying new mutants. This seems like it will be a big deal especially with the Generation Hope series coming just around the corner. Also on either side of that line and circled are “Who is worthy?” and “9.9.9″…

Maybe I’ve just known Black Bolt was going to return in the pages of FF:

•RETURN OF THE KING- I am guessing that this has nothing to do with LoTR but who knows. Is this reference to Black Panther, Thanos being badass or maybe Black Bolt.

Though I may have failed at the Blackest Night joke (cause seriously how many of you read these posts anyway) but could this have something to do with Fear Itself? Or could someone be taking a dirt nap soon?…:

•NIGHT FALLS- All the people who have died come back to life with the power of these mysterious black rings and try to kill all of Earth’s heroes…oh wait

Uh oh…does this mean things could get messy in the pages of Avengers: Childrens Crusade?:

•IRON LAD (RE)TURNS?- Does this mean the Young Avenger will come back or will turn on his team?

Will it be Doom that helps figure out how to stop all of those renegade Reeds in FF?:

•ALL HOPE LIES IN DOOM!- Valeria says this to Dr. Doom in the latest issue of the FF. What the heck is gonna happen here?! I can’t wait for Doom to do something Doom-ey. “Doom. Always Doom.”

Jason Aaron did say that Schism is going to be like the X-Men’s Civil War:

•SCHIZM!- This one is underlined. So there’s gonna be some sorta split? Like two sides that don’t agree…like some sorta civil war…hmm

Here’s that pesky Childrens Crusade again:

•WHERE IS WANDA?- At the end of an upward dashed line is a question about the Scarlett Witch. We haven’t seen her since basically the end of the House of M story…well we did see her when Clint Barton went to kill her for killing him but then just slept with her. Anyways she was hiding in the Alps.

In S.H.I.E.L.D., Uncanny X-Force, FF and Mighty Thor the word SEED has been thrown around a lot recently…I wonder what the deal with SEEDS could be?:

•GALACTUS SEED- Well there is a Galactus buried in the Earth. See Fantastic Four.

These next ones are X-Men related. We are getting the new X-Men series X-Men First to Last which is about yesterday’s X-Men but told today and Hope may still have some Phoenix stuff left to tell:

•YESTERDAYS X-MEN- Why is this written so far in the future? Does it not having a line attaching it to the larger timeline mean it doesn’t necessarily belong there? Does Beast get un-blue?

•BORN TO BURN- very faintly towards the top of the final dashed line it says born to burn. Phoenix? Is Hope really the Phoenix?

As we can see we still don’t have all of the answers to what’s written on this thing but we have some…and have found some more questions. Though I think it’s pretty darn sweet that these guys have done their job,come up with a plan and stuck with it over the last 10 months and still counting, and it’s worked. Way to go Marvel writers and editors! Also still being unsure of some of this stuff still gives me hope to more surprises yet to occur.

Think I’ve misread something or have missed something altogether leave a comment. Together we could probably figure this whole thing out.


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