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New This Week: 8.31.11

Posted by BRiAN On August - 27 - 2011

This past week marked the end of DC comics as we’ve known them…Tuesday night in Old City at Midnight marks it’s REBIRTH! Check out what else is out this Wednesday!


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Who the heck is Irene?!

Posted by BRiAN On August - 27 - 2011

So all these news shows have been talking about this Irene character…Irene-shmirene! But if you are looking to pass the “heavy wwwrrrrains” (baby voice) and “blowwy winds” and “power outages” here’s some comics I recommend!

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Friday Catch-up on BNW OC NEWS

Posted by BRiAN On August - 26 - 2011

There’s a lot happening in the Worlds of Brave New Worlds Comics! Have you been watching closely!?

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Do you have these yet!?

Posted by BRiAN On August - 24 - 2011

This just in! Brave New Worlds has all new T-shirts, Pint Glasses, Stickers and Buttons! So you know you want to get your hands on ’em (and they’re all super affordable)! Hit the jump for deets!!!

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Old City’ Midnight Release!

Posted by BRiAN On August - 22 - 2011

Hey You! Yea You! No not they guy behind you…I’m talking to you dear BNW Comics Blog Reader! Wanna get your hands on the end of Flashpoint early!? How about the new Justice League #1?!

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New This Week: 8.24.11

Posted by BRiAN On August - 20 - 2011

There’s a lot of good stuff out this week…including Kick Ass 2 #3 and Uncanny X-Force #13!!!

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Now Available @ BNW

Posted by bnwadmin On August - 19 - 2011

DC Comics Presents Legion of Super-Heroes #1
Legion Lost HC

So like I used to do every once in awhile, from time to time maybe you have said to yourself, “self, it’s time to try to get into Legion of Super-Heroes again.” But ultimately it does not work for you for whatever reason – too many characters, too much back story, too strange and disconnected (as it is set in the 31st century). And then the great experiment fails, again.


If you are willing to give Legion another go, I have two suggestions for you to take a chance on – both of which were recently collected and released by DC Comics again. During one of the previous-mentioned “relaunches” the Powers That Be tapped the cosmic writing duo of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (War of Kings, Nova) to update to revitalize it’s future heroes.


DC Comics Presents Legion of Super-Heroes #1 (don’t worry, it’s a one-shot) by Abnett and Lanning collects a four-issue run of Legionnaires and Legion of Super-Heroes that dumps the reader right into the middle of the action as a power called The Blight has taken over the Earth, and many of its occupants including a majority of the aforementioned Legion.


What makes this story so awesome is that it does not try to run all of the Legion characters at you, but focuses on a few who have been able to hold out and build a resistance against The Blight. Characters are introduced but not in an overwhelming way.


The Blight are one of the nastiest villains ever brought forth (think Star Trek’s Borg but with feelings). They have evolved into the characters we see ripping apart our home and it is their acquisitions that eventually turn on them.


Plus, another reason this book rocks besides the price (@ $7.99 that’s $1.99 an issue) is Olivier Coipel’s (Thor) artwork. It is not as refined as his stuff today, but it is still really good, unique and the man knows how to tell a story.


The Blight storyline, or “The Damned” arc as it is solicited, is an awesome gateway to the 12-issue mini-series Legion Lost by Abnett, Lanning, Coipel and Pascal Alixe. This mini-series leads to the new Legion relaunch which The Blight trio produced for the first year.


Legion Lost is exactly what it sounds like, several members of the Legion are lost in time and space and attempt to get home, while also searching for one of their missing teammates. Once again, Abnett and Lanning only focus on a small corp group of characters while filling in Legion back story and giving the reader a sense of the team’s history.


In fact, each issue is told from the point of view of one of the stranded members, which allows readers to get to know each character while the continue to suffer through this dire and hopeless situation. The twists and turns and payoff are huge and worth the ride. I can only imagine what it was like to read this arc while it came out monthly. It has sort of a desperate Battlestar Galactica feel to it when the team comes to the realization that they may never get home.


There is also an epic Dark Phoenix sort of tale being weaved as well and readers will be surprised to find out just how this story played out.


The only sad part about both tales is these are the only two Abnett-Lanning DC Legion collections, hopefully for now.


Both DC Comics Presents Legion of Super-Heroes #1 and Legion Lost HC are available at both Brave New Worlds locations.



New This Week: 8.17.11

Posted by BRiAN On August - 13 - 2011

Another week down and another week closer to the DC “reboot” (hint the word reboot is a link to something adorable, funny and relevant).  Check out this week’s list of comics and goodies!



all nighter #3 (of 5 )
archie & friends #157
archie double digest #221
avengers #16
avengers academy #18
batman #713
boys butcher baker candlestickmaker #2
captain america #2
captain america corps #3 (of 5 )
conan road of kings #7 (of 7 )
damaged #1 (of 6 )
daredevil #2
darkwing duck #15
dc comics presents teen titans #1
dc retroactive batman the 90s #1
dc retroactive the flash the 90s #1
dc retroactive wonder woman the 90s #1
dc universe online legends #14
deadlands death was silent one shot
dean koontz nevermore #4 (of 6 )
dmz #68
dr who insider #5
dr who magazine #436
executive assistant orchid #2 (of 3)
fables #108
fear itself deadpool #3 (of 3 )
fear itself fearsome four #3 (of 4 )
fear itself home front #5 (of 7 )
flashpoint abin sur the green lantern #3 (of 3 )
flashpoint legion of doom #3 (of 3 )
flashpoint the outsider #3 (of 3 )
flashpoint wonder woman and the furies #3 (of 3 )
generation hope #10
gladstones school for world conquerors #4
green lantern corps #63
hellblazer #282
hulk #39
invincible iron man #507
iron man 2.0 modern warfare #1  (reprints)
journey into mystery #626
justice league of america #60
ka-zar #3 (of 5 )
knights of the dinner table #177
legion of super heroes #16
marvel universe vs wolverine #3 (of 4 )
omega paradox #0
one #5 (of 10 )
orc stain #6
power girl #27
samurais blood #3 (of 6 )
sergio aragones funnies #2
sfx #211
simpsons comics #181
sonic universe #31
spider-island amazing spider-girl #1 (of 3 )
star wars knight errant deluge #1 (of 5 )
stuff of legend jesters tale #1 (of 4 )
superboy #11
supergirl #67
superman batman #87
thunderbolts #162
tiny titans #43
titans #38
tomarts action figure digest #198-199 double issue
ultimate comics fallout #6 (of 6 )
uncanny x-men #542
venom #6
vincent price presents #33
walking dead #88
walking dead weekly #33
wolverine and black cat claws 2 #2 (of 3 )
x-factor #224
x-men schism #3 (of 5 )
zatanna #16


99 days hc
arsenic lullaby devils decade tp
bprd hell on earth tp vol 01 new world
fables deluxe edition hc vol 03
fogtown tp
gotham city sirens hc vol 03 strange fruit
halcyon tp
hellblazer bloody carnations tp
ico castle in the mist sc novel
invincible compendium tp vol 01
invincible iron man tp vol 06
marvel adv spider-man tp neighborhood digest
megamind tp vol 01 brilliantly brilliant
naoki urasawa 20th century boys gn vol 16
new avengers by brian michael bendis prem hc vol 02
new x-men by grant morrison gn tp book 04
outsiders the great divide tp
resident evil tp
secret society of super villains hc
superman batman night and day tp
tales of the batman gene colan hc vol 01
too much coffee man omnibus tp vol 01
transmetropolitan tp vol 10 one more time new ed
we 3 deluxe edition hc
x-men curse of mutants tp
x-men curse of mutants tp mutants vs vampires


flashpoint ser 1 master balanced case
gi joe real american hero 12-in af
godzilla 6-in collectible figure asst
jason voorhees stylized roto af
mario bros plush wave 2
marvel minimates series 41 asst
marvel select deadpool af  (restock)
marvel universe af asst
marvel universe af super hero team asst
star wars jedi force af 2-pk asst


doctor who adipose floating pen
gotham city sirens 2012 16 month wall calendar
hello kitty hello 2012 16 month wall calendar
marvel heroes 2012 16 month wall calendar
star wars vehicles coll mag #70 neimoidian shuttle

Also pay attention to the fact that James Kochalka is coming to Old City!!!

The Kochalkalypse!

Posted by BRiAN On August - 12 - 2011

First Friday might’ve just passed last week but it’s never too early to get prepped for next month’s appearance of Indie Comics Fan Fave (and not to mention personal fave of Rob and myself) James Kochalka!

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DCnU Checklists!!!

Posted by BRiAN On August - 9 - 2011

We are getting closer and closer to September and the DC Relaunch (i know it’s only the 2nd week of August but before you know it it’ll be the 31st and the NEW JLA will be hitting shelves) and we want to keep you on top of things. Check out the Check Lists!

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