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New This Week: 7.13.11

Posted by BRiAN On July - 9 - 2011

So how about those comics from last week?! (Have you adjusted to holidays NO LONGER making comics come out on Thursday?!) Also let’s look into the future and see what’ll be droppin on July 13, 2011!…



30 days of night night again #3 (of 4 )
all new batman the brave and the bold #9
all winners squad band of heroes #2 (of 8 )
alpha flight #2 (of 8 )
amazing spider-man #665
american vampire survival ot fittest #2 (of 5 )
archie double digest #220
batgirl #23
batman the dark knight #3
birds of prey #14
black panther man without fear #521
booster gold #46
bprd hell on earth monsters #1 (of 2)
breed iii #3 (of 6)
captain america #1
cavewoman snow #2
charismagic #2
crawl to me #1 (of 4)
crysis #2 (of 6)
daken dark wolverine #11
dc comics presents batman gotham noir #1
deadpool #40
defenders from marvel vault #1
detective comics #879
doc savage #16
doctor who fairytale life #4 (of 4)
dollhouse epitaphs #1 (of 5)
executive assistant orchid #1 (of 3)
farscape #21
fear itself spider-man #3 (of 3)
femforce #156
ff #6
flashpoint citizen cold #2 (of 3)
flashpoint deathstroke the curse of ravager #2 (of 3)
flashpoint emperor aquaman #2 (of 3)
flashpoint frankenstein creatures of unknown #2 (of 3)
formic wars burning earth #7 (of 7)
ghost rider #1
ghost rider #1 blank var
gladstones school for world conquerors #3
godzilla gangsters & goliaths #2 (of 5)
gore #3 (of 12)
green hornet aftermath #4 (of 4)
green lantern #67
green lantern corps #61
green lantern emerald warriors #9 2nd ptg
guarding the globe #5 (of 6)
hellboy the fury #2 (of 3)
hellraiser #3
hi fructose magazine quarterly #20
incredible hulks #632
journey into mystery #625
jughead #208
ka-zar #2 (of 5)
knights of the dinner table #176
lady mechanika #2
lady mechanika collected edition #1
last zombie inferno #2 (of 5)
lil depressed boy #5
mad harry potter special #1
memoir #4 (of 6)
mystery men #3 (of 5)
new avengers #14
new mutants #27
northlanders #42
punishermax #15
rasl #11
red robin #25
red wing #1 (of 6)
samurais blood #2 (of 6)
sherlock holmes year one #5
space warped #2 (of 2)
spawn #209
stan lee starborn #8
star wars invasion revelations #1 (of 5)
star wars old republic #2 (of 5)
super heroes #16
superman #713
supernatural magazine #26 px ed
team angel 100 page spectacular
teen titans #97
terry moore how to draw #1 women
total recall #3
ultimate avengers vs new ultimates #6 (of 6)
ultimate comics fallout #1 (of 6)
unwritten #27
vampirella #8
walking dead weekly #28
witchblade #146
wolverine #12
x-men schism #1 (of 5)
x-men schism #1 (of 5) blank var


avengers by brian michael bendis prem hc vol 02
batman bruce wayne the road home hc
batman hush unwrapped deluxe ed hc
black panther man without fear tp vol 01 urban jungle
blackest night green lantern corps tp
blackest night green lantern tp
blackest night tp
casanova gula tp
clockwork girl (harper design) hc
cowboys hc
deadpool tp vol 06 i rule you suck
disney fairies gn vol 06 a present for tinker bell
hawkeye tp blindspot
high school of dead gn vol 03
iron age #2 (of 3)
homeland directive gn
incognito tpĀ  vol 02 bad influences
jack of fables tp vol 09 the end
new avengers by brian michael bendis tp vol 01
new x-men by grant morrison gn tp book 03
night o/t living dead tp vol 02
runaways tp vol 07 live fast digest new ptg
spider-man death jean dewolff prem hc
spider-man origin of species tp
thackery t lambshead cabinet of curiosities
usagi yojimbo tp vol 25 fox hunt
vampirella tp vol 01 crown of worms
wolverine best there is prem hc contagion
x-factor scar tissue prem hc
x-men lifedeath prem hc


batman arkham asylum ser 2
dc heroes wave 17 antimonitor af set
marvel comics iron man 7in plush
marvel comics wolverine 7in plush
sonic the hedgehog knuckles wacky wobbler
sonic the hedgehog tails wacky wobbler
tmp mlb series 28 cliff lee af
tmp mlb series 28 ryan howard 2 af
sw kenner darth vader 12-in af
sw kenner princess leia 12-in af


bucky barnes winter soldier statue
classic marvel fig coll mag #149 cannonball
classic marvel fig coll mag #150 triton
dc superhero fig coll mag #84 reverse flash
dc superhero fig coll mag #85 black manta
glico pocky chocolate cookie crush 6pk
jean grey x-factor statue
orange lantern 1/4 scale power battery & ring prop
punisher classic statue
sabretooth modern statue
star wars r2d2 standup
sw clone wars yoda standup

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  1. business daily Said,

    Blackest Night has a handful of holes where events happen in other titles but can more or less be read as a complete story beginning to end the Green Lantern volume however is basically a collection of scenes and supplementary tales tied loosely together with text pages that summarize the events of Blackest Night. That said however I found the Green Lantern volume to be the stronger of the two both in surprises and in widescreen action helped mightily by the art of Doug Mahnke. Contains spoilers If the Blackest Night event werent momentous enough the Green Lantern volume sees this latest Green Lantern series arrive at issue 50. As such the anniversary issue must serve double-duty furthering Blackest Night while also celebrating what a momentous occasion it is that a comic starring Hal Jordan — once considered an untenable part of the Green Lantern franchise — should have reached the half-century mark and be as popular as it is.

    Posted on July 22nd, 2011 at 5:54 pm

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