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Wait…What?! Innernette Linkage?!

Posted by BRiAN On June - 24 - 2011

It’s been a hot minute (or maybe like a month or two) since my last attempt at a list of sweet sweet links for your Friday perusal…so sue me (seriously please don’t because I can’t afford a lawyer who doesn’t have an unhealthy love for Kid Flash). Anyways hit the jump and get to clickin’!

•First off we need to take a second and remember the GREAT Gene Colon who passed away yesterday at the age of 84…Take a min to read about him HERE // HERE // and HERE (the last one is a list of creator farewells)

•On a lighter note, Pixar’s next (after Cars 2…and I never saw Cars so I’ll just skip 2) film Brave has a bit of a website up and on the innernette. It’s a simple page but I love me some Scotland and some Pixar. CLICK HERE

•Remember the TMNT Shell Shock art show we had the opening for last First Friday in Old City?! For a radical video CLICK HERE

•Hey do you guys know that one of our customers is like a god among men? Did you know he’s not only written Wolverine, Cable, Deadpool, Punisher, Werewolf by Night, Iron Fist, Blade and about to pen the forthcoming Birds of Prey relaunch from DC but also has written some really badass crime novels set in and around Philadelphia?! Everything I have just said it 100% true. (Heck the guy’s even written books with the guy who created CSI: All of Them) His latest book Fun and Games takes place in L.A. (I just finished it this week and it rules!) and is the first in a trilogy. Here’s an interview that popped up after I finished the book CLICK HERE (oh did i mention he’s a super nice guy…well he is.)

this picture just rules

•Continuing in the vein of badassery I can’t wait for this film about these dude badasses (well i guess 3 badasses and a mustache) to come out CLICK HERE

•Then this movie is probably going to be terrifying and brutal CLICK HERE (if you have a fear of clowns do not click there)

•New season of Always Sunny In Philadelphia Spoiler…Mac got fat. They say he gained the weight for comedy…I believe that’s a bit of a cover for putting on some weight during his wife’s pregnancy last year. CLICK HERE

•Animals Being Dicks…nuff said. CLICK HERE

•Oh wait did i forget to mention there is a NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA TRAILER CLICK HERE

•Also here are some Apes taking over the planet…I wonder if we’ll get to see a Dr Zaius at some point? CLICK HERE

by using PhotoShop to combine the Civil War with Star Wars this person has activated a very special nerd part of my brain

•I know I don’t agree with a lot of this list…and I think it’s actually kinda a B.S. list as a whole…what do you think? CLICK HERE

•JCVD’s pants froze. CLICK HERE

•And I am going to end this week’s links with a favorite Bert and Ernie sketch that I remembered this week. CLICK HERE

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