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Posted by bnwadmin On May - 22 - 2011

Action Comics #901

Paul Cornell (w) Kenneth Rocafort (a)

So you were probably wondering what was going on with this Reign of Doomsday thing? Well wonder no more as it finally continues this week in the pages of the original Superman comic. Good thing the big guy finally took his book back from Luthor last month.


American Vampire HC Volume 2

Scott Snyder (w) Rafael Albuquerque, Mateo Santoluco (a)

Vampires? Check. Lately it seems the words it seems the very word vampire is enough to scare audiences off (and it has nothing to do with them being undead and wanting all of your blood). Well, both Time magazine and Entertainment Weekly have raved about this “fresh and original” approach to the genre. Heck, even I have waxed on and on about the many virtues that is American Vampire. Volume 2 has finally arrived. Enjoy.


Daken Dark Wolverine #9

Rob Williams (w) Gisueppe Camuncoli (a)

GREAT STARTING POINT! The next Marvel point one is here, and Daken is the subject as he continues his bid for power. Next on his list is Los Angeles, the City of Angels. Of course in a crazy town like LA, will he just blend in with the rest of the weirdos or will people notice just another psycho with claws? Odds are since someone else has caught wind of his return to the States, people will notice. Just who is coming to settle a score with Daken? Well that would be dear old Dad of course.


FF #4

Jonathan Hickman (w) Steve Epting (a)

The next FF story arc begins now as the War of the Four Cities begins. The FF needs to step up to stem the tides of war from overtaking the globe, and us. Good thing Val’s uncle Victor Von Doom is lending a hand to the team nowadays. What? You did not know Doom is helping out, well now you really need to see just what Hickman is doing with Marvel’s first family.


Kirby Genesis #0

Kurt Busiek (w) Alex Ross, Jackson Herbert (a)

The creative team that brought us MARVELS from back in the day have reunited. We sent a probe into space years ago transmitting a message of greetings and peace. Turns out someone was listening and we ain’t getting exactly the response we were looking for. When the reply does come, it will change the lives of three regular Joes.  Kirby Genesis features some of Jack Kirby’s concepts and characters including Captain Victory and Silver Star.


Mighty Thor #2

Matt Fraction (w) Olivier Coipel (a)

Well if the Silver Surfer is around it can mean only one thing – booze and broads. Well actually that would not be the case. It actually means the big purple guy (and we are not talking Barney the dinosaur or Dino the dinosaur for that matter) is back on the scene. Turns out Galactus has his sight set on the World Tree, mmmm apples. So of course a certain God of Thunder is all that stands between the nine realms and Galactus. This is the stuff of epicness eh.






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