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Memorial Day Sale?

Posted by BRiAN On May - 29 - 2011

A lot of people have been asking if we are or are not having a Memorial Day sale. Mainly, I think, because we have had them in the past. Hit the jump for the answer to this burning question…hit the jump to see if we are actually having a Memorial Day Sale this year…

The answer is:Yes there will be a sale…BUT there’s a condition. A catch. A rule you must follow. The 15% OFF is not guaranteed to you just for coming into either (or both) Brave New Worlds locations on Memorial Day. It’s a simple catch though. Don’t worry we wont be making you answer Questions 3 or sing and dance your way to savings. All you have to do is mention this post (or the email newsletter), just imagine it being like a secret code word to get into an exclusive club, like the Hellfire Club in X-Men, and your favorite BNW employee will make sure you get your sweet sweet savings!!!

•Willow Grove will be open from 11am-9pm (normal hours)

•Old City will be opening at 11am but will be closing early at 5pm (sorry for any inconvenience)

This kid will enforce the rules! And trust us you don't want to mess with him... (look at that branch he's wielding...)


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