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Star Wars Ships NOW $12.00

Posted by BRiAN On April - 1 - 2011

You know those Star Wars ship miniatures that you see every time you go grab your comics and shoot the breeze with favorite comic guys at Brave New Worlds? Of course you do. Well they are all on sale for just twelve dollars!

Look how nice! This could be your desk!

Your eye’s do not deceive you!!! These are the prices you are looking for!!! Our entire stock of the Star Wars: The Official Starships and Vehicles Collection is on sale for the low price of $12 each (from $20!).  So now you can stop just thinking about how good that Bespin Cloud Car would look on your desk at the office and finally get it!

Do the kids like the new trilogy better than the classic one? NO PROBLEM! There are ships from those movies as well! You’ll want to get to either BNW as fast as possible, though, to take advantage of the finest selection of these awesome little ships.


The best part about these metal vehicle and ship replicas is, besides the fact that they look totally sweet, the fact that they come with an informative magazine about the ship and the movie they appeared in and all other sorts of Star Wars trivia bits. Really you can’t go wrong with this deal! I assure you it is not a trap.

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