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So You Like Uncanny X-Force?

Posted by BRiAN On April - 24 - 2011

It would seem that this little title known as Uncanny X-Force has introduced a whole new batch of people to a guy I’ve been talking about for about five or so years now…A guy named Rick Remender.

I can still remember the day I discovered Fear Agent #1 on the shelves of Old Brave New Worlds Willow Grove. It screamed at me to grab it…how could I not?! It featured a guy in an orange and blue spacesuit, aviator shades, Texas belt buckle and wielding a gigantic monkey wrench covered in the blood of the greenish ape-like alien cavemen, who he is knocking off a cliff. Now I will admit that this cover caught my eye because I knew Tony Moore from the first arc of Walking Dead and I knew I liked his style…but it was the character that brought me back.

Check that cover out! Now why the heck didn't you buy this comic years ago?!

As you read Remender’s comics you start to realize that he has the ability to write great characters (and characters the way I like ’em). Characters with vices, troubled personal histories, drinking problems and ones haunted by ghosts of their past. All that stuff gets an A+ in my book. Add to that stories that on the surface seem simple and straightforward but over time reveal layers and layers and make you scramble for back issues in your collection to figure out what is going on or remember exactly what went on earlier in the series.

He also seems to easily be able to take a character/concept that maybe has (of no fault of its’ own) grown just a tad bit stale and turns it right on it’s ear and gives you something brand spankin’ new. Heck, the man did what villains have been trying to do for years and years, he killed Frank Castle! That’s the Punisher for cryin’ out loud! Then he turned him into a Frankenstein-like monster! More recently he has turned Venom from a pseudo-hero, with part time flesh eating tendencies, into a paramilitary government sponsored one man weapon army used for taking out enemies of the US, but still having to deal with that flesh eating side of Venom.

Besides his amazing work on big name Marvel titles and his successful creator Image book turned Dark Horse title (Fear Agent) he has created other fun and different creator owned projects. Sea of Read featured vampires done in a way that no one had ever done them before….as pirates! Doll and Creature is a greaser/rockabilly take on Frankenstein and the Bride while The End League is a Kingdom Come like story for world of recognizable heroes that is all it’s own. He, as a man of multiple talents, even did the inks on a book called The Last Christmas written by comedy’s Brian Posehn.

Venom #2!

With Venom #2 coming out this week (4.27.11), Uncanny X-Force seemingly coming out every week (or maybe every other week and the first hardcover collection of Uncanny X-Force also hit shelves last week) there really hasn’t been a better time to get into the work of this man. For instance do you like crime stories? You need to read Last Days of American Crime, which was one of my favorite comics from last year. Add on to all of this the fact that Fear Agent Vol 1 is back in print (FINALLY!) starting that series seems to be a no brainer. Also if video games are your thing, he’s also written the hit first person shooter video game Bulletstorm (which I hear is like a Fear Agent game)! BNW Old City has stocked up on all things Rick Remender so there is no excuse right now not to be reading all of this great stuff. You really wont be sorry.

Link time!


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2 Responses so far
  1. J. Reezy Said,

    REMENDER, is the man.
    Ever since you turned me on to FRANKEN-CASTLE, I’ve been on the bandwagon and snatching up all of his work.

    Posted on April 24th, 2011 at 12:51 pm

  2. BRiAN Said,

    Glad you enjoyed Franken-Castle…cause it was one of those polarizing things. I’m dying for the last few issues of Fear Agent and then the supposed 2 Hardcovers collecting the series (again apparently due out later this year). As far as I’m concerned that man can do no wrong.

    Posted on April 29th, 2011 at 12:00 pm

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