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Posted by bnwadmin On April - 10 - 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #658

Dan Slott (w) Javier Pulido (a)

Now it is not trendy to be a Skrull anymore, and Wolverine really has that market covered with his membership in every hero group in the Marvel Universe excluding Heroes for Hire. However his webhead buddy from New Avengers is attempting to make a race of it, joining the newly-minted FF. This being Peter Parker, of course the team’s newest member comes with an entirely new big bag of BAGGAGE! Aw yeah. And really, doesn’t that make for a more entertaining story, someone else’s misery? GREAT JUMPING ON POINT!


Batgirl #20

Bryan Miller (w) Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs (a)

One of a few hidden gems that continually hit the shelves, Miller (Smallville) has made Stephanie Brown’s run as the new female caped crusader a memorable and fun experience. This month Steph gets a new ride, the batgirl-mobile. Aw yeah. Plus with a certain Big Sister now out of the picture, Batgirl is operating more on her own than ever before. Do yourself a favor and pick up one of the continually well-written and fun books on the market. GREAT JUMPING ON POINT!


Batman and Robin #22

Peter Tomasi (w) Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray (a)

“Dark Knight, White Knight” concludes this month and by just looking at the cover the question I have is, will Damian finally get what is coming his way? Okay, it is a comic book and if something monumental was going to occur to the little bat rat I am sure word would have hit the street before now. But still … the possibilities are always endless. Or as Dr. McCoy quoted Spock at the end of Star Trek II, “there are always possibilities.”


Black Panther Man Without Fear #517

David Liss (w) Francesco Francavilla (a)

One of our customers actually said he liked this book better than it’s previous title-holder, Daredevil, and that is saying something since he worships at the altar that is the horned hero. This month however Luke Cage and T’Challa are getting ready for their own “Thrilla in Manilla” except they will be smacking down one another in Hell’s Kitchen. Plus, Vlad the Impaler faces a shocking family secret! That one came from Marvel’s actual solicitation – wonder what could be so SHOCKING for Vlad the Impaler? I mean, the dude impales people.


DC Comics Presents Batman Arkham #1

Dennis O’Neil, Alan Grant, Paul Grist (w) A Lot of Old Dudes (a)

DC Comics Presents reaches down into it’s archives for these rarely read stories from back in the classic days, all dealing with the denizens of Arkham Asylum. Included in the pages are tales from Batman Chronicles #6, Batman Arkham Asylum – Tales of Madness #1, Batman Villains Secret Files #1 and Justice Leagues: Justice League of Arkham #1. Old school Batman and Joker stories are bound to be enjoyed. It’s like Christmas in April!


Flash #10

Geoff Johns (w) Francis Manapul (a)

It only feels like it has been months since the last issue of Flash has come out. And you would think with a name like Flash we would have a new book on the shelves every other day, I’m just saying. This is a prelude to Flashpoint. A message has arrived, but is it about the Backstreet Boys reunion, or something far more sinister? My money is on the BB, I mean how much more evil can you get than their reunion this summer with the New Kids on the Block?


Green Lantern Night Light

If you are like Lane in our Willow Grove store, you too get scared at sounds in the dark at night. In fact, Lane can rarely sleep through the night on his own and that is why he is forced to jump into his parent’s bed to feel safe. What is a comic lover to do? Well Brave New Worlds has the answer as this week the Green Lantern Night Light arrives. That’s right, now Lane can leave the logo of the Green Lantern Corps on while he sleeps, scaring away any possible Sinestro attacks, or a visit from the family cat – Lane scares easily.


Journey Into Mystery #622

Kieron Gillen (w) Doug Braithwaite (a)

Thor returns to it’s title roots as Journey Into Mystery takes over this month. The Gillen-penned book will feature Loki and this month’s premiere also ties into Fear Itself. Talk about getting the bang for your buck. What exactly happened to Loki at the end of Siege and how the heck is he back as a tyke now? Well guess what, those questions SHOULD be answered plus much, much more because we are talking about the God of Lies.  Odds are Thor is going to regret brining his half-brother back, again. GREAT JUMPING ON POINT!


S.H.I.E.L.D. Inifinity

Jonathan Hickman (w) Various (a)

I’m just going to let the professionals tell you about this one as if you have yet to pick up on Hickman’s Shield, now might just be the right time. Decode the miraculous designs of Leonardo Da Vinci. Devour the truths and reel with the lies of Isaac Newtown. Chew on BRiAN’s fascination with all things Abraham Lincoln and Frankenstein (okay, that is really not in there, but doesn’t it feel like it could?). Puzzle at the perilous predictions of Nostradamus. Discover the Forever Machines of Nikola Tesla. Enjoy something a little different from the marvelous Marvel mind of Hickman.


Steve Rogers Super Soldier Annual #1

James Asmus (w) Ibraim Roberson (a)

“Escape from the Negative Zone” continues as part two ships this week with the X-Men and Namor guest-starring. The X-Men are being held by Blastaar and what is a former Captain America to do? Well that question will most likely be sorted of answered in this issue. We still need you to pick up part three in the Namor annual next month.


Superboy #6

Jeff Lemire (w) Marco Rudy (a)

The Reign of Doomsday is speeding along with another new installment this week in the pages of Superboy. Will the mystery of just what is up with Doomsday be revealed as he continues his crazy assualts on all metas with an “S” on their chest. Connor is the latest to get a dance, and we don’t mean the tango. We are however getting close to the end of this short-lived reign, so answers and action should be presented.


Superman #710

Michael Straczysnki, Chris Roberson (w) Eddy Barrows, J.P. Mayer (a)

Another “Grounded” pit stop as Bruce Wayne finally catches up with his pal Clark Kent, in Utah of all places. Wonder if they will stop by one of the cult compounds? Anyhoo, this one takes us back when our heroes were youngsters and they ran across a determined Vandal Savage (when does Vandal not have his mojo working?). Anyway, Savage alone is a good enough reason to check out the reunion and walk down memory lane.


Uncanny X-Men #535

Kieron Gillen (w) Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson (a)

So remember back when Joss Whedon was writing the X-Men and he introduced the Breakworld story along with the return of Colussus and then what became the ultimate sacrifice as Kitty got stuck to a big bullet? Well after the X-Dudes left, things just where not the same on that planet. Now they have decided to return the favor of a visit. This could actually be a lot of fun.


Walking Dead Survivor’s Guide #1 (of 4)

I usually stay away from Who’s Who books. You either love them, or your don’t. If you are the first, you know they are coming out and you are all over them. If you don’t, well nothing else happens with that one. Then this week the Walking Dead releases the first of four survivor’s guides. It’s a handy checklist of all the characters who have appeared in the series so far, including both the living, dead and maybe some that have been zombified. It’s a great opportunity to think about all those who have been eaten before. Enjoy, and possibly we a little grey poupon.








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