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Posted by bnwadmin On March - 13 - 2011

Avengers Academy #11

Christos Gage (w) Tom Raney (a)

Wow, there is a lot going on in this issue, including the return of two long-gone characters. Plus, this issue sets up a guest appearance by the actual Avengers in issue 12 next month. Turns out everyone is so excited by the appearances that the party is happening at the Academy, but not in a good Kid-n-Play malt beverage way. More like a World War Hulk destructive way. You have been warned.

Avengers Children’s Crusade Young Avengers #1

Allan Heinberg (w) Alan Davis (a)

GREAT JUMPING ON POINT! This one is a stand alone that takes place during the Young Avengers quest to locate the Scarlet Witch (currently happening in the Avengers Children’s Crusade mini-series. Two of our favorite Young Avengers take on the roles of Captain Marvel and Kang the Conqueror. I think if it were me, I’d like to be Kang. Marvel eventually dies of cancer and besides, Kang can do that time jump thing.

Brightest Day #22

Geoff Johns, Peter Tomaso (w) A Lot of Pencils and Pens (a)

The end is quickly approaching as all of the heroes and villains who returned are beginning to converge to one point as revelations are abound. I wonder if this will be anything like the show 4400 when Billy Campbell’s character was luring all of those returnees into his little compound, hmmm?

Deadpool Pulp HC

Adam Glass, Mike Benson (w) Laurence Campbell (a)

Because it would not be a normal Marvel release week without at least one Deadpool comic or collection. This week actually sees two Deadpool books, we chose to focus on this one (obviously). It’s all the awesomeness you have come to expect from a pulp adventure, plus the Merc with a Mouth, and lies, spies and curves. Collecting Deadpool Pulp #1-4, our hero (?) has been tasked with tracking down a rogue CIA agent who has stolen a nuclear suitcase – and the agent is a girl! Shocking!

Dissidia Final Fantasy Trading Arts Figures

That’s right, the next release of Final Fantasy figures will be arriving this week and include Cecil, Cloud, Firion, Sephiroth and Terra. Don’t delay as these generally move off the shelf rather quickly. Check for them at both Brave New Worlds locations.

Fear Itself Book of the Skull #1

Ed Brubaker (w) Scott Eaton (a)

Marvel’s summer event gets kicked started this week as we take a walk down memory lane with the Red Skull. Seems the big guy’s daughter Sin has taken over the family business and is ready to outdo her father’s previous best. This of course leads to a little reminiscing as we learn about the Red Skull’s most-dangerous WWII mission, one that will impact everything we know about today’s Marvel Universe. Don’t you just love those stories that tie yesterday into today?

Generation Hope #5

Kieron Gillen (w) Jamie McKelvie (a)

This is the one I have been waiting for. First, Hope was in a fight for her life as the chosen mutant messiah. Then she went globe trotting finding all of those lights. Now that all the fun has finally settled down, it finally hits her – Cable is dead. With time to think of all that has past and what is to come, Hope makes a decision that will obviously be more important than Lebron James’ last summer. I mean really, Miami or Cleveland just does not have the same impact as the future of all mutant kind, just ask Cyclops.

Hulk 30.1

Jeff Parker (w) Gabriel Hardman (a)

How much does it suck after all these years of hunting down the Hulk, General Thunderbolt Ross is actually the Red Hulk. Granted, he seems to be settling in very nicely to his new role in the world. Now it’s time to meet his replacement on the military side. Uh-oh, reality hits a little hard now when you see someone sitting in your chair, smoking your cigars, wearing your bath robe, etc. Another Marvel point one issue and another GREAT JUMPING ON POINT.

Izombie TP Volume 1 Dead to the World

Chris Roberson (w) Michael Alldred (a)

Gwen is your average twenty-something generation x-er. She tries to live an eco-friendly life while doing her job. However, of course there is a catch, this is a comic after all. Turns out Gwen must eat a brain each month to keep from losing her own memories because it turns out she is a zombie (bummer). But there is a side effect, she takes on their personality, quirks and all. Until the next brain. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? At least its a new twist on the zombie phenomenon. Collects iZombie #1-5.

Ruse #1

Mark Waid (w) Mirco Pierfederici (a)

CrossGen fans rejoice, Marvel has brought back some of the characters and universe. Last week we saw the release of Sigil #1 and this week sees Ruse #1. Mark Waid returns to the character he first created as the smartest man in the world (and it’s not Reed Richards or Victor Von Doom) crosses path with a mysterious and enchanting woman (why are they always mysterious and enchanting?). Anyway, obviously fun is about to be had when these two get together – think peanut butter and jelly, Turner and Hooch and Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

Uncanny X-Men Annual #3

James Asmus (w) Nick Bradshaw (a)

It’s time for a nice little trip to the Negative Zone which is a lot like taking summer vacation in Cleveland – the laws of nature are literally turned upside down. This week part one of “Escape from the Negative Zone” begins. Escape? But they just got there and I am sure Blastaar and all his buddies have laid out quite the spread. Continues in Steve Rogers Super Soldier and Namor First Mutant. Maybe this won’t be as easy as our intrepid heroes think with the Fantastic Four on the sidelines.

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