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Munny Contest?

Posted by BRiAN On March - 19 - 2011

Brave New Worlds Old City just got a new shipment of blank white Munnys…and then found out that KidRobot is having a customization contest. Get your Munny right now at BNW and get in on the action. Details after the jump

Customize this little guy!

I found out on Friday evening, from some of our Autumn Society friends, that KidRobot ishaving a Custom Munny contest real soon. By chance we just got a whole butt-load of, ready to be customized, Blank White Munnys along with some new blind box toys, this past Tuesday.  It got me to thinking that it would be awesome if one of your BNW artist friends won this contest! Or heck even got some sorta honorable mention outta this whole thing. Think of the sweet attention this contest will get in the art world.

So this is me calling you out artist types. I dare you to come to BNW Old City and buy a blank mini munny (just $9.99) and customize the crap outta it and submit it to this competition. I DARE YOU TO ENTER WIN!

If you missed the links above  CLICK HERE for details.

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