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Innernette! I’m aware it’s been a while

Posted by BRiAN On March - 11 - 2011

Ready for a dose of innernette nonsense? If you’re not don’t click on this post cause that’s all I’ve got to offer today.

•Who would like to accompany me to this opening night of this masterpiece? CLICK HERE

•Someone went and made a map/graph/chart/flowchart of awesomeness that show’s all of Sci-Fi

The PPA has finally lost it.

(thanks to boingboing for showing it to me) CLICK HERE

•I think this Fever Ray song sounds awesome but I hate the fact that it’s for that new Big Bad Wolf movie crap. CLICK HERE

•I’m so glad the internet manages to hold onto things that didn’t make if all that far. CLICK HERE

•This trailer is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach…and it’s a Korean movie. CLICK HERE

•I don’t remember if I posted Drunk Baby here or not so I am gonna post it (again?) CLICK HERE

•The Guile theme does in fact go with everything. Need proof? CLICK HERE

•Look for this at a movie theatre near you! CLICK HERE

•Lastly want to help with this tragedy in Japan. LEARN HERE

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