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Innernette Friday (Rob’s @ SxSw btw)

Posted by BRiAN On March - 18 - 2011

It’s friday. Hope you are enjoying the weather outside. Maybe swing by either or both BNW’s and grab some comics and go read em outside! But for right now let’s see what’s going on around the innernette while you are at work and bored, shall we…

•I’ve been learning about Tumblr’s recently and may even have one of my own but that’s besides the point. They seem to be cool little blogs, super simplified and easy to use, similar to Twitter or a facebook news feed (if you have either you know). I found this one yesterday and immediately fell in love with it’s quirky little cartoons. CLICK HERE

with weather like today I almost wish this guy was around so we could arm and Super Soak everyone!

•I don’t play all that many video games anymore. It may be in part that I don’t have any of these new game

systems that all them kids seem to have, and by new I of course mean PS3 and Xbox360, but I am really feeling the need to play Bulletstorm. A very reliable source told me it is like playing a Fear Agent video game. And if you know me at all you know I loves me some Fear Agent! So for now I just watch this video of Rick Remender (creator of Fear Agent and writer of the game Bulletstorm) talk about the game. This vid is NSFW due to some language…but I still say watch it. CLICK HERE

•I’m in love with how genius this video is. CLICK HERE

•Rob and I hate the comments left on most of the websites we visit. The can be killer. I have no idea how people can come off so dumb and manage to piss us off with so few words and responses. It would seem that the DC Source Blog took note of this and LOCKED ITS’ SITE DOWN! The Comics Alliance has more


did you catch the new Super 8 trailer? (it’s about a week or so old but i like it a lot) CLICK HERE

•wanna get pumped for some new Conan! CLICK HERE

How awesome is it when Godzilla steps on BNW Willow Grove? This awesome!

•Fellow Mega Man fans are you ready for the next Blue Bomber manga series? CLICK HERE for some info on the GIGAMIX!

•Umm do you think you can handle some Batman badassery this early in the afternoon? If so CLICK HERE

•How about some nonesense featuring Batman and the Joker? CLICK HERE

•Neil Gaiman is adapting the Chinese Epic Journey to the West for film. Let’s hope it’s better than his Beowulf. Which wasn’t bat but needed something more. CLICK HERE

•If you don’t frequent you really should. Those guys are making some great art.

•How’s about a George Carlin song for your friday? Sound good? The original Winning! CLICK HERE

•Oh, did I mention that Old City’s own Rob has strayed away from the nest to spend some quality time in Austin Texas, the ultimate destination from this film, for the SxSw Music Festival. Let’s hope he’s having fun and not having comic shop withdraw.

•Finally FF #1 comes out this week. Awesome.

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  1. Kevin James Breaux Said,

    I love that picture of BNW being stepped on. Although, it makes me sad too. I mean a good comic book store is hard to find. Trust me. Comics have not been the same since I moved away from PA. Still, I LOL when I saw Eric rescuing the other boys.

    Kevin James Breaux

    Posted on March 24th, 2011 at 3:29 pm

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