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Random Retro Comic Review

Posted by bnwadmin On February - 1 - 2011

Wonder Man #13

Gerry Jones (w) Jeff Johnson, Dan Panosian (a)

I never did read this issue when it originally premiered and I am sort of kicking myself now because the opening splash page is an good-old fashioned super-hero donneybrook at Four Freedoms Plaza with Wonder Man exclaiming “No! No one’s insane … but you Mutants!!”

How can this Infinity War crossover not be awesome with the cover and splash page teases?

Actually as crossovers go, this one is pretty tight. Jones does a terrific job of moving the Infinity War story forward in this issue while also giving Wonder Man a solo mission tied to the war, while we also see a couple of “B” and “C” stories about other characters in Simon’s life.

Since this issue was produced in the early 1990s, Marvel was at it’s height of including Wolverine in every book (he must truly be a Skrull!) and this issue of Wonder Man was no exception. Logan antagonizes and almost skewers the main character of the book.

Turns out Wonder Man is having some power issues, and of course it’s at the best time, right smack dab in the middle of another Thanos War. Meanwhile Logan is doing what he does best, couple of tough-guy qoutes, smoking a cigar, unleashing the claws and saying “bub” a lot.

This issue feels like a prelude to Secret Invasion as there are crazy duplicates of the heroes out there. Duplicate Reed leads the heroes to Four Freedoms Plaza only to try and eliminate them, while duplicate Iron Man is the reason for the splash page in the first place.

With the mutant hysteria in full gear (when is it not) Wonder Man takes off with Thor (Thunderstrike) and Hercules to track down a couple of missing Avengers. But he meets face-to-face with his duplicate who seems to have taken costume tips from Malice.

As far as an early 1990s random Marvel comic goes, this one is actually a lot of fun. Jones wrote an engaging issue while Johnson looked like he was having fun including everyone and the kitchen sink on several pages. The opening splash is just a lot of fun.

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