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Posted by bnwadmin On February - 20 - 2011

Action Comics #898

Paul Cornell (w) Pete Woods (a)

The rematch you have been waiting for – Larfleeze versus Lex Luthor, round two. It’s a funny story really, Larfleeze is sort of miffed ever since Luthor went on his obsessive quest to take what Larfleeze has, the orange ring. Turns out Larfleeze likes to have stuff as well, and next on his list is a starring role in Action Comics. Only two issues remain before the milestone 900th.

Astonishing X-Men #36

Daniel Way (w) Jason Pearson (a)

GREAT JUMPING ON POINT! It’s a new creative team and it’s all about the monsters in this first issue of the new arc, Monster Island that is. However, what happens when the monsters don’t stay on Monster Island, Well of course major hijinks ensue. The classic Kirby monsters are back as our band of little mutants once again have to save the world – sounds like a certain Vampire Slayer I know.

Batman Arkham Asylum Series 1 Action Figures

Aw yeah it’s time for some classic new Bat figures as Batman, the Joker, Harley Quinn and the Scarecrow populate this new release.

Detective Comics #874

Scott Snyder (w) Francesco Francavilla (a)

NEW ARC! I like how this one was solicited – “there are some cases that come screaming back at you … like phone calls in the night …” This one spotlights Commissioner Gordon, who has had many a sleepless night on one of the many that got away, but this is just not any other case – this is the “Peter Pan Killer.” Snyder pens his second story for Detective and is joined this time by Francavilla.

Doctor Who Dalek Sculpted Wall Clock

This looks awesome. It’s a Dalek, but it’s also a clock. Leave it to the Dr. Who people to get out a really cool looking item. As always, this is imported from the UK, so don’t hold off, otherwise the Daleks will most likely destroy all the remaining ones, and the human race as well – it’s what they do.

Fantastic Four #588

Jonathan Hickman (w) Steve Epting (a)

It’s a month of mourning in the final issue of Fantastic Four as next month sees the premiere of FF. But first we need to see how the death of one of their members impacts their family, and the entire super-hero community. And what is to become of the Fantatic Four now that they are only three. Don’t miss out on the final piece to the “Three” story arc.

Freakangels TP Volume 5

Warren Ellis (w) Paul Duffield (a)

Ellis’ online web comic’s fourth episode is collected in this fifth volume. If you are new the Freakangels, now is the perfect time to catch up – it’s a your typical post-apocalyptic  tale with a new twist – expect nothing less from the mind of Ellis (our February Creator of the Month).

Iron Man 2.0 #1

Nick Spencer (w) Barry Kitson (a)

It only seems like Spencer is writing for everyone as he makes his Marvel debut this week continuing the story of Tony Stark’s best pal – James Rhodey and his alter ego, War Machine. But there’s a catch (isn’t there always) as Rhodey’s armor gets an upgrade to go along with his new mission. The beginning starts here, in a three-issue arc introducing this all-new monthly title.

Justice League Rise and Fall HC

J.T. Krull (w) Diogenes Neves, Mike Mayhew, Fabrizio Fiorentino (a)

What happens when a super hero kills? Well, they of course become the bad guys. And we all knew that Oliver Queen always had the potential to take matters into his own hand. But when he took out Prometheus, the League has to bring him to justice. This is that story. But wait, there’s more as our old pal, Speedy, Red Arrow or Arsenal (you choose the name) must also deal with the death of his daughter and loss of both arms – that’s just messed up.

New Mutants #22/X-Men Legacy #245

Mike Carey (w) Clay Mann, Steve Kurth (a)

READ X-MEN LEGACY #245 OUT THIS WEEK FIRST. Age of X starts here, for reals this time. The first one-shot was an introduction to the world. Now we get to see how the last remaining mutants on the planet live in this world.  While our buddies try to protect themselves from those looking to eliminate them, there is a plot revealed by one of their own. As if the deck was not already stacked against them. Maybe Gambit (or whatever his new name is) can do something about that.

Star Wars 4PC 10oz Glass Set

A long time ago, George Lucas made a killing on his deal with Fox to distribute his little film called Star War, merchandising – this is the latest result.

X-Men Curse of the Mutants Premiere HC

Victor Gischler (w) Paco Medina (a)

Embracing the vampire craze, it’s time to see what happens when they go up against mutants. Should be a fun time, although I don’t see daylight walks in the park. Unless of course the vampires have this crazy cool medallion rendering them impervious to the burning effects of the sun and thus allowing them to roam amongst everyone all the time. But what are the odds of that happening?

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