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What I Liked This Week

Posted by bnwadmin On January - 3 - 2011

Batman The Dark Knight #1

David Finch (w/a) Scott Williams (a)

When a comic artist decides they want to write, a lot of times it comes off like an actor that wants to sing. More often than not you get Eddie Murphy’s Party All the Time. However, that is SO NOT THE CASE with Finch’s first effort as an author as I found Batman The Dark Knight #1 very entertaining. The art is Finch’s usual awesomeness and enough of a reason to pick up the inaugural issue of this new Batman title. But the story is sweet as well, as Finch interweaves a couple of different story points/mysteries that had me wanting more at the end, i.e. I did not want this issue to end.

Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #4

Jason Aaron (w) Adam Kubert, Mark Roslan (a)

We are at the halfway point with this six-issue mini-series and wait until you see the last page. The reveal of the mechanic who has been pulling all the strings since issue number one is none other than … (well of course I am not going to tell you, but I can let you know that I did not see this one coming). Along the way its the usual fun with the time-traveling comedy team of Spider-Man and Wolverine. Plus, besides our big bad we also get a look at some literal crusaders and a new dynamic duo. All this for four bucks is a STEAL!

Daken Dark Wolverine #4

Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu (w) Giuseppe Camuncoli, Onofrio Catacchio (a)

Last issue saw the return of the Fantastic Four just in time to watch Daken die. Of course he’s not dead, first this is comic books we are talking about and second, he is the main character of this title. That being said, there is a little bit of a mystery surrounding an infiltrator in the Baxter Building. You probably know who this mystery man is, but it’s the aftermath that is the fun. Way and Liu seem to be having such a large time writing this title which is so seductive and manipulative. I can’t stop myself from loving this book.

Ultimate Thor #3

Jonathan Hickman (w) Carlos Pacheco, Dexter Vines (a)

I love a good time travel story. Check. Anytime you couple Nazi’s and mystical artifacts, a good time should be had. Check and check again. Add those fun items to the fact that it is Hickman writing the tale and Ultimate Thor is the bomb (as in boom goes the dynamite!). Dad (who looks an awful lot like Sir Anthony Hopkins (fava beans anyone?) gets to kick some butt and take out one of his offspring in the process (I wonder which one?). After years of questions about who Ultimate Thor really is, answers are coming in  bunchs, as in apples from the tree of Asgard.

What If #200

What If’s are usually hit or miss for me, and probably all of you as well. Generally Marvel releases them like celebrity deaths – in bunches with number 200 being the third in three weeks. Since it’s a milestone, we get three different tales. The first a What If? Siege story by Marc Guggenheim is a pretty interesting take on an alternate ending of the battle of Asgard. As is the case too often with these stories now, it moves and ends too quickly. As an added bonus, Stan Lee returns with an all-new What If the Watcher Killed Galactus? revisiting his classic first Silver Surfer-Galactus tale from Fantastic Four #48-50. But wait there’s more (you get these great steak knives; kidding) as What If #35, what if Elektra Had Lived is also reprinted in this issue – with Frank Miller revisiting his classic tale as well. A bargain at $5!

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