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That’s a Great Book … for $12

Posted by bnwadmin On January - 20 - 2011

Check out these brand-new titles to the bargain table at Brave New Worlds, while supplies last …

Captain American Reborn HC

Ed Brubaker (w) Bryan Hitch (a)

Steve Rogers died. Long live Steve Rogers. His return is documented here.

Infinity Gauntlet HC

Jim Starlin (w) George Perez, Ron Lim (a)

Thanos. In Charge. ‘Nuff said. This one is a classic, and a steal at only $12!

Siege HC

Brian Michael Bendis (w) Olivier Copiel (a)

The Siege of Asgard. The fall of Norman Osborn. The birth of the Heroic Age. And the return of the original Marvel Big Three!

PunisherMax Kingpin HC

Jason Aaron (w) Steve Dillon (a)

A trap has been laid with a patsy named Wilson Fisk. Trouble is, there already is a Kingpin of Crime named Wilson Fisk, and he’s none to happy about this.

The New Avengers Illuminati HC

Brian Michael Bendis, Brian Reed (w) Jim Cheung (a)

All the “events” of the past few years in the Marvel Universe can find its origins right here – World War Hulk, Secret Invasion and more. If you have never picked up this mini-series, now is the time.

Spider-Man New Ways to Die HC

Dan Slott (w) John Romita Jr. (a)

It took a bit, but Marvel’s new top dog Norman Osborn has a score to settle with a certain web head,

Spider-Man One More Day HC

J. Michael Straczynski (w)

Everything changes in the world of Spider-Man, literally, in Straczynski’s swan song after a decade of writing the wall crawler.

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