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New This Week: 1.12.11

Posted by BRiAN On January - 8 - 2011

Are you ready for new comics week #2 of the year 2011 C.E.!?


all new batman the brave and the bold #3
amazing spider-man #651
batgirl #17
batman and robin #19
birds of prey #8
black panther man without fear #514
booster gold #40
bprd hell on earth gods #1 (of 3 )
captain america korvac saga #2 (of 4 )
captain america man out of time #3 (of 5 )
casanova gula #1 (of 4 )
chaos war dead avengers #3 (of 3 )
daken dark wolverine empire must haves
daredevil reborn #1 (of 4 )
dark tower gunslinger little sisters eluria #2
deadpool #31
doc savage #10
doctor who special #27
dodgem logic magazine #6
dr who magazine #429 special
dungeons & dragons dark sun #1 (of 5 )
fallen angel return of the son #1 (of 4 )
fevre dream #10 (of 10 )
green hornet golden age remastered #6
green lantern emerald warriors #6
hack slash me without you (one-shot)
halcyon #3
heavy metal march 2011
heroes for hire #1 2nd ptg
heroes for hire #2
i am an avenger #5 (of 5 )
incredible hulks #620
infinite vacation #1
james pattersons witch & wizard #8 operation zero
john byrne next men #2
justice league generation lost #17
knight & squire #4 (of 6 )
let me in crossroads #2 (of 4 )
rebels #24
red robin #19
robert jordan wheel of time eye o/t world #1.5
savage dragon #168
secret six #29
sfx #204
spawn #200
spike #4 (of 8 )
stan lee starborn #2
star trek khan ruling in hell #4 (of 4 )
star wars knight errant #4 aflameĀ  pt 4 (of 5 )
super heroes #10
superman #707
thor mighty avenger #8
thunder agents #3
titans #31
tomarts action figure digest #194/195
transformers prime #2 (of 4 )
true blood legacy edition #1
uncle scrooge #399
unwritten #21
victorian undead ii holmes vs dracula #3 (of 5 )
walking dead weekly #2
widow maker #3 (of 4 )
wolverine wolverine goes to hell must haves
wonder girl #1
x-23 killing dream must haves
x-men forever 2 #15


asterix tp vol 06 asterix & cleopatra
avengers coming of beast prem hc
batman jokers asylum tp vol 02
battle angel alita last order tp vol 14
chill tp
dark tower gunslinger journey begins prem hc
deathlok tp demolisher
doctor who ongoing tp vol 03 final sacrifice
dork tower coll tp vol 01 dork covenant (new ptg)
fantastic four resurrection galactus prem hc
halo tp helljumper
kookaburra k tp
marvel adventures avengers thor digest tp
new avengers by brian michael bendis prem hc vol 01
orson scott cards ender in exile prem hc
shrek once upon a slime tp
siege dark avengers tp
sixth gun tp vol 01
superman last stand of new krypton hc vol 02
tomb of dracula omnibus hc vol 03
x-factor tp vol 10 second coming


batman (justice) 1/6 scale collector figure
blackest night ser 7 balanced case asst
ghostbusters wave 1 egon retro af
ghostbusters wave 1 peter retro af
ghostbusters wave 1 ray retro af
ghostbusters wave 1 winston retro af
humongous heart 11in plush
mario bros plush wave 2 asst
worlds greatest dc heroes captain cold retro af
worlds greatest dc heroes cheetah retro af
worlds greatest dc heroes flash retro af
worlds greatest dc heroes wonder woman retro af


aquaman funko force bobble head
batman funko force bobble head
danger room sessions deadpool fine art statue
dc batgirl bishoujo statue
dc superhero fig coll mag special batcycle (restock!)
ghostbusters neon sign
green lantern funko force bobble head
joker funko force bobble head
superman funko force bobble head
marvel emma frost bishoujo statue

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