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Archive for December, 2010

What I Liked This Week

Posted by bnwadmin On December - 11 - 2010

Thor The Mighty Avenger #7

Roger Langridge (w) Chris Samnee (a)

What have I not said about this book that remains? It is a fun ride. I think the appeal is for both comic and non-comic, hero and non-hero fans, it’s that universal. Langridge has been able to touch on something very simple and basic in his portrayal of the Asgardian God of Thunder – humanity.

By taking Thor, giving him amnesia and setting him down in Broxton, Oklahoma the everyday Jane (Foster) and Joe can travel the same path to find out just who and what is going on. It does not take long for Thor to start piecing things together, but a lot of the fun is in those pieces connecting – just like a jigsaw puzzle Yo.

Only one issue remains and after reading the latest effort in issue 7 this week, it appears Langridge will be taking Thor The Mighty Avenger out with a bang.

And whether he’s drawing the normal everyday folk of the town and the museum or its the Warriors Three and Sub-Mariner, Samnee’s storytelling pictures are really the perfect compliment for this title.

I don’t know what else is left to say. It may be too late to save this title, but it’s not too late for you to start enjoying it. And if you missed the first few issues, Marvel released the first four issues in a collection with some old classic Kirby tales this past week – on sale at Brave New Worlds, ‘natch!

See you next month for my review of the series conclusion.

New Avengers #7

Brian Michael Bendis (w) Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger (a)

I almost feel as if I should never write anything about New Avengers because I really love each and every issue. It is so much fun. It’s like if your friends and family were all super heroes, that’s what it feels like. Just chilling, arguing, fighting (sometimes even the bad dudes as well), laughing and smiling.

One of the things that makes issue #7 stand out this month is the inclusion of Squirrel Girl. That’s right, you read that correctly, Squirrel Girl makes and appearance and you just know that Bendis will be working his mojo on this character like he has so many over the past 10 years in the Marvel Universe.

Sometimes I feel like the Marvel ‘verse is Bendis’ own personal playground littered with action figures. He finds the one know one plays with (this month being Squirrel Girl) and makes everything about that character.

I am going to really enjoy the ride that is coming.

Another reason why this book is so special is the inclusion of Victoria Hand. This might not be the analogy, but I look at hand being from across the aisle (take your pick, democrat or republican). Hers is a different point of view than the spandex crew, but they both want the same thing, they just have different ideas on how to get there.

This month especially now that all the sorcerer supreme wackiness has settled down, the team realizes just who is in their midst. And oh yeah, ol’ Spidey continues to have the luck that only he can have in this issue.

The Comicverse #11

Posted by bnwadmin On December - 11 - 2010

It’s cold outside, Innernette

Posted by BRiAN On December - 10 - 2010

It’s gotten really cold recently and it only plans on getting colder for next week. When it gets cold I always feel like it’s quieter out there…and that may be because everyone is inside enjoying their comics. That or watching awesome videos on the innernette.

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On Sale December 8 Spotlight

Posted by bnwadmin On December - 5 - 2010

Dark Tower Gunslinger Little Sisters Eluria #1

Peter David, Robin Furth (w) Luke Ross (a)

The next installment of Stephen King’s Dark Tower saga is here courtesy of David and Furth. Roland is near death after an attack from mutants (I wonder if it was those from San Francisco) and is taken in by some Sisters. Turns out however the Sisters are not exactly running a missionary if you know what we mean. Roland is probably wishing for the Night Nurse right about now.

Detective Comics Annual #12

David Hine (w) Agustin Padilla (a)

Are you jonesing for some new Batman Incorporated stories? Well then you picked up the right book as Hine and Padilla go all international with the gang as what is billed as a typical recruitment trip turns into what they call overseas an “incident.” Two Batman’s and The Question guarantee a fun read.

Fables #100

Bill Willingham,  Mark Buckingham (w/a) Chrissie Zullo, Joao Ruas, Steve Leiahola (a)

Fables hits the century mark this week and chooses to celebrate in style with a 100-page epic. The Fables are returning home to Fabletown. You know who would probably love to return home just one time but can’t, Kal-El of Krypton. I’m just saying. Here this Fables flaunt their trip back and our protector Superman has to settle for Smallville, not that Ma’s apple pie is anything to sneeze at. Besides Fabletown, New York will become a battle ground with the Dark Man. You have been warned.

What If Wolverine Father

Rob Williams (w) Greg Tocchini (a)

Good old Logan is never going to win any Father of the Year contests, unless of course he threatens to kill the entire voting panel. However, with that understanding, Williams takes on Logan and Daken’s relationship with the starting point being that Logan raises Daken from the very beginning. Yeah I’m thinking Daken is still going to be a homicidal nutcase. Just keeping it real.

Batman The Widening Gyre HC Volume 1

Kevin Smith (w) Walt Flanagan, Art Thibert (a)

Smith is at it again, penning another Bat-tale as this time the story is spurred by Bruce Wayne getting reacquainted with his former girlfriend Silver St. Cloud. She tries to teach Bruce about trust while he tries to convince her that running around in tights and cowl is perfectly normal for a gazillionaire – just ask Bill Gates. Collects the entire six-issue mini-series.

Irredeemable TP Volume 5

Mark Waid (w) Peter Krause (a)

This one has the Horner, Plutonian, Paradigm and Modeus in it. Confused? Well it’s understandable. It’s also why you NEED to pick up this collection, which includes a mad God backed up against a wall, and no is safe. Exciting isn’t it?

Superman Batman Big Noise TP

Joe Kelly (w) Ardian Syaf (a)

Collects issues #64 and #68-72 of Superman Batman. It’s always a pleasant time when Superman and Batman team up in this awesome book. You are usually guaranteed cocktails with Bruce and cow-tipping with Clark. Then Bruce, because he had all those cocktails, starts hitting on Lois. Obviously Clark gets a little jealous and attempts to burn a hole through Bruce’s body. That’s when he pulls out the kryptonite. Speaking of the green rock, turns out in this book the duo needs to contend with an alien dude who wants to continue a 1,000-year old war on Krypton. I don’t think anyone told him it’s not there anymore.

Sweet Tooth TP Volume 2 In Captivity

Jeff Lemire (w/a)

It’s a tale that is as old as, well who are we kidding, there are not many stories out there with a hybrid of people and animals. Leave it to Lemire to fill that void. “In Captivity” collects Sweet Tooth #6-11 as we learn how a devoted husband became a ruthless mercenary (must have married Martha Stewart). Meanwhile, Gus meets a scientist who is studying that fun plague that wiped out most of the world.

New This Week: 12.08.10

Posted by BRiAN On December - 5 - 2010

Comics’re back on schedule this week so you can all relax n’ get back in that ol’ swing of things. This is what we’ll have to off you on this second Wednesday of December.

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The Comicverse #10

Posted by bnwadmin On December - 4 - 2010

Friday…1st Friday

Posted by BRiAN On December - 3 - 2010

Be sure to stop out to BNW Old City tonight for First Friday and the Autumn Society’s PLAYTIME SHOW! Be sure to bring a new unopened toy for Toys for Tots and maybe some spending cash for a piece of art or two (sales go to Toys for Tots Nationally!!!)

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What I Liked This Week

Posted by bnwadmin On December - 2 - 2010

American Vampire #9

Scott Snyder (w) Rafael Albuquerque, Mateus Santolouco (a)

Issue nine this week sees the conclusion of the “Devil in the Sand” arc, and what a finish it was as the story moves at a breakneck (no pun intended) pace. There are lots of exciting things happening to almost everyone involved in the book. Snyder does such a great job of building the suspense, that you really question as to who will survive (at least I did).

Albuquerque’s pictures are amazing once again, as his style lends itself to the unique vampire vision this book has. Every vampire interpretation is always a little different, to Joss Whedon’s “dusting” to the pretty-looking ones in Vampire Diaries (I’ve watched one episode).

Since issue one, Snyder has done a spiffy job of shifting back and forth through time, and this episode is no exception as we start out in the past, witnessing the origins of Cashel and how he came to this little hamlet of a town. Just when you think his entire world has been turned all topsy turvy, it gets better. Trust me, things will not always be as they seem.

Anyway, as final arcs go, this one had it all, big reveals, new beginnings and of course a great big battle followed by a one-on-vampire showdown. It’s good stuff, trust me.

And if you want to give this book a shot (and why haven’t you yet?), Brave New Worlds has the first five issues available in collection in stock today. You can thank me when you see me, its that good.


Posted by BRiAN On December - 1 - 2010

With comics out tomorrow (Thursday) rather than today (Wednesday [the usual day to you newbies]) let’s take a look at 2 books I am really looking forward to sitting down and reading

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