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Is this Christmas? No. It’s Iowa.

Posted by BRiAN On December - 24 - 2010

Well I for one hope you have all of your Holiday things taken care of and are all ready to destress with some links!!! Get to clickin’!

(I hope someone out there got the Field of Dreams reference a few seconds ago…)

•Betcha didn’t know that we just passed the sesquicentennial of the South Succeeding from the Union and the start of that pesky War of Northern Aggression now did ya? CLICK HERE

•Science related stories!:

New Human Ancestors CLICK HERE

Grizzly/Polar Bears (old story) CLICK HERE

Grizzly/Polar Bears (new story) CLICK HERE

if you’ve read Dan Simmon’s The Terror this is a scary scary thing. Also if you haven’t read that book you should…it would never be on Oprah’s Book Club but it would be on mine.

Opraha wouldn't read The Terror but you should

•Apparently Christian Bale likes the Power Puff Girls. CLICK HERE

•Our old pal Benny Frank had a lot of different ways to refer to being drunk. I need to get this list memorized…CLICK HERE

•I need me some new Neon Gen like right now!Like more than this trailer! CLICK HERE

•Also I really want to see the new True Grit…too bad this is sold out CLICK HERE

•My favorite Fleet Foxes song done in 8bit stylings CLICK HERE

•Do you like law? Do you like superheros? CLICK HERE

may all your x-mas wishes come true!

•I had no idea that Street Fighter moves worked in a real fight…CLICK HERE

•Last week I was bombarded with this guys awesome Star Wars posters. They rule! CLICK HERE

also a few years back Rob realized that you only use your let hand to type Star Wars.

•Also the Star Wars Christmas Special CLICK HERE


•This story kinda freaks me out the more I think about it…like if i jumped in the water and landed on a shark I’d probably crap the ocean as well as my pants. CLICK HERE

•There’s a trailer for Paul starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. This movie is gonna be great! CLICK HERE

•Perfect Blue = Black Swan…I haven’t seen Perfect Blue in years and still haven’t seen Black Swan but this is very interesting…and what Rob said to me as soon as he saw Black Swan. CLICK HERE

•Fear Itself. Are you excited? CLICK HERE

•A story by Jeffro (Philly Cartoonist Society member, BNW friend and all around good guy) CLICK HERE

•Time for a good mash-up!!! CLICK HERE

And lastly Merry Christmas from me! I’ve been obsessed with this Christmas song all week. CLICK HERE

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