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Posted by BRiAN On December - 14 - 2010

Rather than look at what I really wanna read tomorrow (here’s tomorrow’s list) I figured I’d take a quick look at a few things that you may have missed (and that I have really been enjoying)

This book is a must own

First off I am going to start with a book put out by Eric Powell‘s publishing imprint Albatross Exploding Funny Books called Pug Davis. Part of what drew me to this book was the fact that is was published by Powell, and I do love me some Goon comics, but then I got past the cover and realized the book has a very quirky sense of humor which isn’t afraid to offend. The creator Rebecca Sugar has a fun drawing style, that changes in a few of the stories (and I enjoy them both very much) , which at times reminds me of two of my other favorites- Doug Tennapel or Ren and Stimpy. Sugar has a really solid sense of pacing, character and story (which may come from working in animation) and all I can say is that I need more adventures of Pug Davis and the Blouse ASAP!

-Pug Davis Vol 1 tp, Rebecca Sugar (w/a)/Eric Powell (cover), 128 pages, black and white, $15, Albatross Exploding Funny Books

These next two books are very well written and their art is always spectacular and I feel that a lot of readers are not taking advantage of this…sadly. Anyway you should take a chance on them next time you swing in.

#150 while a little higher in price is a great jumping on spot

The current iteration of the Thunderbolts has not failed to excite and entertain since the newcreative team took over in the issues following the Siege tie-ins. Writer Jeff Parker (who, to be honest, I never read a book by before) has really got a great understanding of these villains turning heroes and uses it to the fullest. Character’s like Crossbones continue to entertain (his fight mano y mano in the last issue, #150 for those keeping score, against Steve Rogers was great) while at the same time he has found a new use for the often lost in the shuffle and underused Man-Thing. Kev Walker on the other hand has a drawing style I would definitely love to see more of really soon. It runs along the lines of Jerome OpeƱa meets Tony Moore but with his own flares.

-Thunderbolts, Jeff Parker(w)/Kev Walker(a), 32 pages, full color, $2.99, Marvel Comics

The other book, that I am sure I have mentioned before a lot, is Brian Wood‘s Northlanders. I know that this book seems to turn many people off of reading the monthly floppy issues (with its weird irregular story arcs and jumping through time and all) and causes them to wait out those

The cover to #35 is so pretty

many months between trades but I just cant get enough of Wood’s ability to pack so much story/nuance/punch/character into every little 32page comic. Like, Jason Aaron, he has a very awesome understanding of the single issue story and he uses it very well here, as well as DMZ, and as Aaron uses his in Scalped. With Northlanders he has taken that ability to tell a tale in one single issue and gives you a few issues that make an entire story. Not in a way that you have to read all the issues of Shadowland to understand the overall story (reading them all only helps and continues the narrative in Northlanders). Each and every issue of the recently collected vol 4, Plague Widow, could be read solo as a little snippet view into the life and horrors of a snow locked plague ridden village in one of the worst winters they, the Northmen along the Volga River, had ever seen but when you read them as one you get a sense of time passing and things in their society devolving. The current issue, #35 out last week, is the fist issue of a two issue arc (usually my favorites in this series) called The Girl In The Ice with art by Becky Cloonan. Becky, like all the artists who work on this series (and there have been nothing but great artists working on this series!!!), brings her own unique style to the world of the North Men.

-Northlanders, Brian Wood(w)/Various – currently Becky Cloonan(a), 32 pages, full color, $2.99, Vertigo Comics

In a world where a lot of the writing and art is not getting me excited anymore or enough to spend the dough both Northlanders and Thunderbolts (while one being a super hero book and the other being near the farthest from one) bring both together in a way that does make me excited. When I see either of these titles on the new book list I know I will be getting my money’s worth and will probably warrant a re-read. Both of these series are also at a good jumping on points: issue #150 of Thunderbolts was a great jump in/1-shot that gave you a look at all of the characters and what their motivations are and issue #35 of Northlanders as I mentioned is a 1 of 2…and you can’t go wrong with the 2-shots!

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