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2 Books I Read This Morning!

Posted by BRiAN On December - 22 - 2010

Normally I try to generate a list of comics I really wanna read on New Comic Day but it’s been all crazy with the fast approaching Christmas Deadline. Though this morning I made sure I took the time to read 2 comics at the top of my read pile!

Fantastic Four #586: So for the last few days I was convinced that this issue was to be the one that was sealed Death of Superman style in a Polybag, but that’ll be the next issue. I was convinced that this was the issue where someone was gonna die or get depowered forever or quit the team, but that’ll be next issue. This issue just ratchets up the tension and puts each and every one of the Four in an increasingly dire predicament. Atlantis. Nu-World. Hungry Galactus. Bugs. The Negative Zone. Some bald Anti-Priest who reminds me of Grant Morrison. Man, this issue has got so much packed into it. While this one wasn’t the game changer that I thought it was going to be it was super solid and once again leaves me wanting so much more. Hickman continues to handle the FF fantastically with his contemporary channeling of Lee/Kirby ideas, concepts and scope. At this point, without giving away anything, I have no idea which member of Marvel’s First Family is in the most danger. Next issue is sure going to be a doozy.

Fantastic Four, Jonathan Hickman(w)/Steve Epting(a), 32pages, full color, $2.99, Marvel Comics

Punisher: In The Blood #2 (of 5)
: If you were turned off of the Punisher by the whole concept of FrankenCastle you really should get back into the Punisher ASAP. Rick Remender is kicking ass and taking names with this title, and has been since he originally took over with now Uncanny X-Force artist Jerome Opeña at the start of Dark Reign. Currently Frank is all better and recovered from being a Frankenstein. His little techie friend Henry, son of Jigsaw, was helping him look for Microchip for a while but has now kinda quit leaving Frank to do his thing solo once again. Frank wants everyone to know he’s back and isn’t gonna settle for the usual bull. Henry is getting himself mixed up a little to much within his father’s plan/vendetta against the Punisher…and someone Frank thought was dead and buried (maybe more than once!) is really picking at the scab on Frank’s recently healed heart. Since Remender took over on this book all he has been doing is torturing the crap outta Frank Castle. The man has had Frank attempt assassination on a world leader and force him  to fight the Sentry, forced him to re-kill his wife and children and he’s even killed the guy at the hands of Wolverine’s son Daken. Not only has he been kicking a guy laying on the ground for the past 2 years or so, but Remender writes some very good dialogue. This issue of Punisher is a bit of a talkie one but, as with Fear Agent, I don’t mind. The conversations are all very entertaining and all of the character’s all have their own unique, though very Remender, voices (unlike some other writers recently). The dialogue is only aided by Boschi’s understanding of pacing and subtlety, especially on page 4 with the conversation between the two Jigsaws and Henry…and for the money you can’t go wrong with the image of Venom being interrupted in a sex shop’s private  dvd screening room.

Punisher: In The Blood #2(of 5), Rick Remender(w)/Roland Boschi(a), 32pages, Full Color, $3.99, Marvel Comics

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