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Brave New Worlds started on a dare in Willow Grove Pennsylvania April\'s Fool\'s Day 1989. It was originally named the \"Comic Book Store\" until the shop moved to Jenkintown. Brave New Worlds has been serving the greater Philadelphia area\'s comic book and toy needs for over 20 Years. You can visit Brave New Worlds in one of 2 locations:

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Posted by BRiAN On December - 29 - 2010

Be sure to stop in New Year’s Day and save 25% OFF EVERYTHING You buy [and at the same time keep the working BNW staff company]. Everyone needs a break from watchin’ the Mummers….

We'll get there early so you don't have to be.

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New This Week: 12.29.10

Posted by BRiAN On December - 25 - 2010

This will be the final new comics day of 2010.

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Is this Christmas? No. It’s Iowa.

Posted by BRiAN On December - 24 - 2010

Well I for one hope you have all of your Holiday things taken care of and are all ready to destress with some links!!! Get to clickin’!

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2 Books I Read This Morning!

Posted by BRiAN On December - 22 - 2010

Normally I try to generate a list of comics I really wanna read on New Comic Day but it’s been all crazy with the fast approaching Christmas Deadline. Though this morning I made sure I took the time to read 2 comics at the top of my read pile!

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On Sale December 22 SPOTLIGHT

Posted by bnwadmin On December - 19 - 2010

American Vampire #10

Scott Snyder (w) Mateus Santolouco (a)

If you have not checked this vampire book out, now is the time to do so as this week’s issue is all about the simple things in a vampire’s life -booze, bullets and of course, blood.

Batman Annual #28

David Hine (w) Agustin Padilla (a)

Part 2 of the story that started in Detective Comics Annual #12 two weeks ago. So if you purchased it, here’s the end of that tale that has Batman, Inc. recruiting in Paris. Wonder if they are eating croissants by the Eiffel Tower. All that plus the Question, what else would you want?

Batman Incorporated #2

Grant Morrison (w) Yanick Paquette, Michael Lacombe (a)

It’s a brand new day. No we are not talking Spider-Man or Dr. Horrible, although I do love that song. Maybe they can do Batman the Musical. How fun would that be? But I digress? Bats in Japan doing only what Bats does best. What’s that you ask, well you are just going to have read it now aren’t you?

Fantastic Four #586

Jonathan Hickman (w) Steve Epting (a)

Part three of Three, the gang has been split up, which one won’t be coming back? Sue is with Namor, the Baxter Building is attacked and Reed must decide the fate of the entire planet because Galactus is pissed and has decided to eat something. Just a typical day with the FF, or is it?

Green Lantern Larfleeze Christmas

Geoff Johns (w) Brett Booth (a)

I’m dreaming of a GREEN Christmas. Aw yeah. Turns out Orange Lantern Larfleeze has some thoughts about what he wants the holiday, and since he has that ring it ain’t going to be too difficult for him to go and get it. And then what’s happens to all his Orange Lantern buddies who want to find him something cool for Christmas but he is all I can get what I want when I want.

Guild Vork #1

Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis (w) Richard Clark (a)

Because you can not keep a good gamer down, Felicia Day returns with a new Guild one-shot (one of five). This issue spotlights the Knights of Good and you guessed it, Vork. Vork’s real-life alter ego Jeff Lewis helped Day pen this one.

Justice League of America #52

James Robinson (w) Mark Bagley, Rob Hunter, Norm Rapmund (a)

It’s Ultraman, betraying people – Shocker! And the return of Dark Supergirl. Now that is a World’s Finest team-up. Some other stuff happens in this issue, but did I mention Ultraman and Dark Supergirl? ‘Nuff said.

Ultimate Comics Doom #1

Brian Michael Bendis (w) Rafa Sandoval (a)

Ever since they blew up the Ultimate Universe it has been fun, who knew a cataclysmic event could have that effect? This is the conclusion of the Ultimate Enemy trilogy. Doom is the enemy – Oh. What. Fun!

Teen Titans Ravager Fresh Hell TP

David Hine, Sean McKeever (w) Georges Jeanty, Yildiray Cinar (a)

The Fearsome Five has devastated the Teen Titans, and its left up to founding members Wonder Girl, Raven and Beast Boy to put the pieces back together. Collects Faces of Evil : Deathstroke, Teen Titans #71-76 and #79-82.

New This Week: 12.22.10

Posted by BRiAN On December - 19 - 2010

The Holiday Madness is nearing and end…but have no fear comics are coming out on Wednesday!

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The Comicverse #12

Posted by bnwadmin On December - 18 - 2010


Posted by BRiAN On December - 14 - 2010

Rather than look at what I really wanna read tomorrow (here’s tomorrow’s list) I figured I’d take a quick look at a few things that you may have missed (and that I have really been enjoying)

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On Sale December 15 SPOTLIGHT

Posted by bnwadmin On December - 12 - 2010

Amazing Spider-Man #650

Dan Slott (w) Humberto Ramos (a)

Slott and Ramos continue their opening Big Time arc. Spidey gets a new suit (about time some would say) and the Black Cat gets her own little side mission, but it’s hush, hush so she can’t tell you what’s what. If you put Spidey down because of Brand New Day, now’s the time to pick it back up with a new creative team and mantra at the helm.

Avengers Academy #7

Christos Gage (w) Mike McKone (a)

This issue is a BIG one and we do mean the pun as we see the return of Henry Pym’s Giant-Man alter ego. It’s been awhile. Lately he’s been parading around as the new Wasp and living with Jocasta (I mean what is up with that?). But with a new cartoon and movie on the horizon, it’s important for comic readers to see the entire crew represent in the funny pages. Considered Giant Man represented.

Birds of Prey #7

Gail Simone (w) Ardian Syaf, Vicente Cifuentes (a)

A new artist takes over for the Simone-penned title. This one is being billed as the “death of Oracle.” What do you think the odds are that she actually dies? I mean it’s a comic book, no one stays dead, in fact, speaking of which, guess who’s back in this issue? That’s right, Bruce Wayne. Didn’t he JUST die? I mean C’MON.

Black Panther Man Without Fear #513

David Liss (w) Francesco Francavilla (a)

Matt Murdoch is dead, long live the Black Panther. Confused? Well then you should read this issue. With Shadowland done and Daredevil gone someone needs to protect the denizens of Hell’s Kitchen and that would be the former king of Wakandam of course.

Conan The Road of Kings #1 (of 6)

Roy Thomas (w) Mike Hawthorne, John Lucas (a)

Conan the Pirate? That’s right. What’s a barbarian to do after pillaging, plundering and protecting the honor and virtue of a scantily clad lady to do but head off to the high seas of course and try his hand at some treasure hunting. This treasure however leads to the Road of Kings. Intrigued? Buy the issue this week, we can’t give everything away now can we?

Iron Siege #1

James Abraham, Andrew Hong (w) Trevor Goring (a)

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means, Nazis! That’s right, but this ain’t no typical Nazi book, this one is about a group of captured Nazi’s in a deserted town that has a dangerous secret. Why can’t these towns ever be filled with apple pie and kittens, you know? But no, it’s always dangerous. If you like the Walking Dead or Zombie books, this one might just be for you, because what’s better than Zombies, but Nazi Zombies. Or maybe Smurf Zombies, but that might be a copyright issue.

Spirit #9

David Hine (w), Moritat (a)

Hine and Moritat have been doing yeoman’s work with Will Eisner’s buddy The Spirit. If you have not been reading this title, now’s a good of time as any to check this book out. As an added bonus each issue, there is a back story in black and white by some of the industry’s top talent. This week features a holiday tale with Paul Dini and Mike Ploog.

Star Wars Legacy War #1 (of 6)

John Ostrander (w), Jan Duursema, Dan Parsons (a)

All of you Star Wars Legacy fans who have been sobbing because they canceled your book can relax now. This week sees the start of an all-new six-issue mini-series with all your pals – Darth Krayt, Cade Skywalkers, Sith, Jedi and maybe if we are really good we will get a Christmas miracle and good ol’ Ben Kenobi will stop by with a tale of the good ol’ days.l

Superman #706

Michael Straczynski (w) Eddy Barrows (a)

I always knew Des Moines, Iowa was a messed up place. It’s just a gut feeling you know, like how can anything called shoe-fly pie be bad. Trust me, it was. But Des Moines does a number this week to the Man of Steel, who while walking through on his walkabout goes back in time and becomes Superboy once again. It’s like an episode of Fringe, if instead of going to an alternate universe they go back in time instead. Come to think of it, it may be more like Eureka – my bad.

Thunderbolts #151

Jeff Parker (w) Kev Walker (a)

It might be Christmas but its a perfect time for a Ghost Story – Thunderbolts style. If you have not checked out this Parker-Walker joint, now is a perfect time to see what the fuss is all about. As is usual a theme for a book for me, it’s fun and it’s also well done. Luke Cage is literally running the asylum. So what could go wrong from week-to-week. Moonstone, our favorite Ms Marvel during the Dark Reign, takes center stage in this one.

Preacher HC Book 3

Garth Ennis (w) Steve Dillon, Carlos Ezquerra (a)

Now that Walking Dead has successfully been adapted, it’s time for someone in Hollywood to check out Ennis’ tale of Jesse Custer. The third Preacher hardcover collects Preacher #27-33, Saint of Killers #1-4 and Preacher Special: Cassidy – Blood and Whiskey.

Superman Secret Origin Deluxe Hardcover

Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Jon Sibal (a)

Johns takes his hand at retconning Superman’s origin with Lex Luthor, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Lois Lane, Metallo, Jimmy Olsen and more. I know you may be tired of reading ANOTHER Superman origin story, but Johns and Franks (who channels his inner Christopher Reeves and it looks creepy on a little kid) do a nice job. A must for any Superman fan’s collection.

X-Necrosha TP

Marvel’s answer to Blackest Night, dead mutants rise as the psychic vampire (nice mix ) Selene is on a quest (some would say its a mad quest) to grab enough souls so (you guessed it) she can ascend to Godhood. Didn’t she read A God Somewhere? That never ends wells. For some reason, Cyclops and his buddy decide this might not be the best thing for everyone. This is their story. Collects New X-Men #32, X-Force #11, 21-25, New Mutnats #6-8, X-Men Legacy #231-234, X-Force/New Mutants Necrosha One-Shot, X Necrosha The Gathering and some stuff from the X-Force Annual.

New This Week: 12.15.10

Posted by BRiAN On December - 12 - 2010

With the 2010 Holiday Season in full swing let’s look at the comics hitting the shelves Wednesday…

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