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On Sale November 24 Spotlight

Posted by bnwadmin On November - 21 - 2010

Batman and Robin #17

Peter Tomasi (w) Patrick Gleason, Mark Irwin (a)

It’s a new creative team on Batman and Robin as Tomasi and Gleason take over the storytelling duties with a new story arc, “Dark Knight, White Knight” as Bruce Wayne is back and Gotham City is as nuts as ever. Who is the White Knight? I’m guessing he’s not riding into town on a horse, or is he?

Batwoman #0

Haden Blackman (w) J.H. Williams, Amy Reeder (a)

Because you asked for it, nay demanded it, Batwoman is back, and this time in her own book. Bruce Wayne is back and he wants to know who this Batwoman person is. Join the rest of us as this story continues right where Batwoman Elegy left over (in stock now at Brave New Worlds).

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #150

Brian Michael Bendis (w) Lots of People (a)

The 150th anniversary issue of Ultimate Spider-Man also marks the 10-year anniversary of Marvel’s Ultimate universe. Guest artists galore will be chipping in with this issue as well as guest stars as Peter Parker’s life is such a mess that it is time for an episode of A&E’s Intervention, super hero style. Sounds like fun.

Chew TP Volume 3 Just Desserts

John Layman (w) Rob Guillory (a)

Collecting Chew #11-15, life is good for Tony Chu. He’s got the world on a string (why do we say that?) so of course something has to happen that will mess all of it up. This dark series is all about the C, cops, crooks, cooks, cannibals and clairviyants, and of course, comics.

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