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Posted by bnwadmin On November - 7 - 2010

Amazing Spider-Man #648

Dan Slott (w) Humberto Ramos (a)

Spider-man is going big time, as in the new arc for the fearless arachnid-wearing hero. Brand New Day is history, life moves on and Amazing Spidey is now out twice a month. However, the more things change, the more they stay the same as J. Jonah Jameson and the Sinister Six continue to make things fun. Slott takes over as the sole ongoing writer with this issue.

Avengers Children’s Crusade #3 (of 9)

Allan Heinberg (w) Jim Cheung (a)

Continuing to move at breakneck speed, the latest installment features the “actual” return of the Scarlet Witch. Talk about not milking something to the end, or near the end. I mean, this revelation is pretty much in the beginning as the book is only about one-third of the way complete after this issue. Anyway, Wanda’s back, but which Wanda is it? Is she the Vision-loving hero or the mutant-extinction crazy person. My money is on the crazy.

Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #6 (of 6)

Grant Morrison (w) Lee Garbett, Walden Wong (a)

Finally it has arrived, the return of one Bruce Wayne, better known as the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, Apollo Creed (okay, I’m kidding on that last one, but how cool would that be – but I digress). Anyway, Batman is back, and boy is he going to be pissed at Dick for wearing his costume. I mean, you don’t go commando in another man’s tights. I’m just saying. And oh yeah, the future of the Batman titles begins here.

Spider-Man One Moment in Time Hardcover

Joe Quesada (w/a) Paolo Rivera (a)

This is it, all of your answers to One More Day which set up Brand New Day. The retcon of the Marvel Universe and Spider-Man is explained here. Don’t believe me, then pick it up. Collects Amazing Spider-Man #638-641.

Superman vs Muhammad Ali Deluxe HC

Dennis O’Niel, Neal Adams (w) Neal Adams, Dick Giordano, Terry Austin (a)

More thrilling than a fight in Manilla, it’s two versions of the classic Superman vs. Muhammad Ali comic. Only aliens in the 1970s could bring these two legends together, and for a boxing match no less (I wonder who wins?). The deluxe edition is normal size and features previously unreleased art. The facsimile edition is the books original print size (10×13.25), because Superman and Muhammad Ali in a comic book is just too much for the confines of the normal page.

Cover Girls of the DCU Harley Quinn Statue

Adam Hughes (designer) Jack Mathews (scupltor)

The latest in DCU’s Cover Girls line is here, featuring the dastardly and delightful Harley Quinn. These statues generally do not stay in stock long, add in the fact that it is Harley Quinn and it is a perfect storm for selling out. Luckily Brave New Worlds order a few, just for you.

Star Wars Slave Leia Mini Bust

It’s finally here, Gentle Giant’s latest Star Wars masterpiece and every fanboy’s greatest desire, Slave Leia, sculpted in a spectacular mini-bust. With two awesome statues to choose from this week at Brave New Worlds, the choice is an easy one, pick up both. You won’t regret it, granted you might have some explaining to do with the wife, but give one to her as a gift, she’ll never realize. No need to thank me. Your happiness is thanks enough.

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