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Posted by BRiAN On November - 26 - 2010

Now that you are back home from all that intense elbow throwing and shoving of the slow & elderly that you all woke up at 1am for, all in the name of savings and deals, sit back and enjoy some nonsense from yours truly (and the innernette).

Was this you this morning?

•We all stuffed our faces yesterday and acted like slobs (it is the American way to over-eat on the National Holiday of over-eating) who the heck knew that T-Pain, rap “superstar” and autotuned singer extraordinaire,was a total freakin’ slob…to see what I mean CLICK HERE

•Remember that holiday I mentioned above and you listed what you were thankful for yesterday…that was a product of my boy Abe. As some of you may have caught wind of last week Daniel Day Lewis will be playing Lincoln in the forthcoming Steve Spielberg film based on the book, by Doris Kearns Goodwin, Team of Rivals.  To read more CLICK HERE

This rules.

•Did you know that cats can give you thumbs up when you do something awesome?! Well they can. And you thought they were just silently judging you for eating too much turkey and mashed potatoes. CLICK HERE (for Awesome Kitty)

•So you think you can ride a bike do ya? After taking a look at this sweet Scottish bike rider cruise from Edinburgh Castle to the Isle of Skye you may think again. CLICK HERE

•We around Brave New Worlds love the Ghostbusters. So we were happy when we stumbled across this little video CLICK HERE

•Who wants to go to Action Fest with me and Doug. CLICK HERE

•Wanna watch a creepy new video by the guy who brought us District 9?! Of course you do. CLICK HERE

•Conan draws attention to Oprah’s insanity or maybe the fact that she’s a super villain. CLICK HERE

•Back to the Future video game screen shots CLICK HERE (via slashfilm)

•Is Harry Potter real? Judd Apatow will get to the bottom of that for you…CLICK HERE

•And for all of you Locke & Key junkies here’s some movie news CLICK HERE

•Love Marvel’s Secret Warriors like I do? CLICK HERE

•Cookie Monster petitions to be host of SNL CLICK HERE

•finally this is awesome

Better than a Touchdown Dance...and worth the fine.


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