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2 Comics I Wanna Read Tomorrow

Posted by BRiAN On November - 16 - 2010

I’ve just spent the last 20 some odd hours w/ what I will keep saying was food poisoning. What I ate that gave it to me is still a mystery but I am so glad to be outta that forest. That sucked to say the least. What do I have to look forward to now that I’m better!?!

This is actually one of the variant covers

BATMAN INCORPORATED #1: I for one am blindly following my guides Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette into this brave new future for the caped crusader. Everything that Morrison has done thus far in his monumental run has def caused a bit of a hubbub in the very rabid fan base and readership of the Bat-Titles…but has breathed new life into a character over 70 years old. Expanding the Bat’s scope of operations and adding villains unfamiliar to Western readers, Lord Death Man springs from the pages of the Batmanga series right into your hands, Morrison will be giving all of those web types something to talk about. I for one can’t wait to see how he handles Lord Death Man. Add Yanick Paquette (who worked on the Return of Bruce Wayne #3, the pirate issue, and Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer with Morrison and worked on the insane asylum story arc of Wolverine Weapon X, which was really creepy and worth a read) has a good eye for storytelling and panel layouts. With these two together again I am very excited for what this book has to offer.

Batman Inc. #1, Grant Morrison/Yanick Paquette, 23 pages, Full Color, $3.99, DC Comics

AVENGERS #7: So the Red Hulk is going to join the Avengers.(“who’s that red hulk anyway?” was probably #1 question asked besides the ever classic “do you buy comics?” since the character was created…ANSWER HERE ) I feel like I could try to poorly hype why I am excited for this book…but instead I’ll link you to this sweet video I just found.


Avengers #7, Brain Bendis/John Romita Jr., 32 pages, Full Color, $3.99, Marvel Comics

I can’t believe I am finding myself excited to read a book featuring the Red Hulk…

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