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1 Comic I Wanna Read Tomorrow

Posted by BRiAN On November - 9 - 2010

There’s one comic I will sure as crap be reading tomorrow…and I’d bet you know which one it is.

spoiler allert! Batman is on the cover

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #6: So I bet you figured as much. It’s kinda all I have been thinkin’ about since reading last week’s Batman and Robin #16…heck since reading the last issue of this series. While I myself am not really familiar with the art team-up happening on this issue (that has been what fueled my obsession with this series/Batman n Robin…the whole Morrison + Awesome artist = RULES!) but I will let that fact go…unless they fail to bring the awesome to the table. The conclusion to this story has me really hyped and may lead to me re-reading this series again in it’s entirety tonight!!! (I will probably read some other stuff but this book is totally worth every penny that I’ll be dropping on it)

Is it tomorrow yet?!

Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #6, Grant Morrison/Lee Garbett/Walden Wong, $3.99, 40 pages, full color, DC Comics

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